What is the concentration of H3O+?

What is the concentration of H3O+? Topic: Online homework solutions
July 18, 2019 / By Allie
Question: Many household cleaning products contain oxalic acid, , a diprotic acid with the following dissociation constants: , . Ka1 = 5.9*10^-2 Ka2 = 6.4*10^-5 Calculate the equilibrium concentration of H3O+ in a 0.20 M solution of oxalic acid. .1 is not correct. Online homework said it is incorrect. Thanks for the help though.
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Uz Uz | 9 days ago
You need to use the quadratic equation on this one. H2A + H2O = HA^- + H3O^+ 0.20 M............x..........x Ka1 = [H3O^+][HA^-]/[H2A] Ka1 = x^2/(0.20 - x) = 5.9 x 10^-2 x^2 = 1.18 x 10^-2 - 5.9 x 10^-2x x^2 + 5.9 x 10^-2x - 1.18 x 10^-2 = 0 x = 0.083 M If you don't use the quadratic equation you get x = 0.11 M.
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Rodger Rodger
HCl is a sturdy acid and it thoroughly ionizes into its ions H3O+ and Cl-. HCl(aq) --> H3O^+ + Cl^- when you consider that a million mole of HCl produces a million mole of H3O+, the concentration of H3O+ in question is 0.00034M.
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