How do I change the front brake pads on a 2003 dodge ram 2500 2wd truck w a 5.7l engine?

How do I change the front brake pads on a 2003 dodge ram 2500 2wd truck w a 5.7l engine? Topic: Test case specifications
July 18, 2019 / By Alline
Question: looking for info on how to change the front (rear too !)brake pads on my 2003 dodge 2500 ram 2wd truck w 5.7L engine. Also, my radio stopped working completely the fuses are fine how would i test the amp or replace it if necessary?
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Uzal Uzal | 10 days ago
Changing breaks is simple. Please read this in it entirety before trying. First you need to assess if you have warped rotors. If while breaking the vehicle surges under the pressure of the standard breaking not hard breaking then you have a warped rotor. You have to either remove them and take them to a local shop and have them turned or replace them all together. If you have one warped rotor it is best to have them both turned as pinpointing which one is warped is next to impossible. Buy a Break Piston Compressor from your local Automobile Shop. Provided a link on what it looks like. While you are there buy the pads. You will want to get the premium or ceramic pads as they will last longer. Now be prepared to get dirty. Let the vehicle set for one hour if you just came back from the shop to have the breaks cooled down properly. Open the hood and loosen the cap for the break reservoir. Do not add more fluid at this time. While performing this break replacement break fluid may spill out so loosely wrapping a rag around the break reservoir will catch most of it. DO NOT REUSE THE FLUID YOU CATCH AND PUT BACK IN THE SYSTEM. Jack up the vehicle and place a jack stand under the control arm. That is for safety in case the jack fails. Remove the tire and set aside. Locate the caliper with the break pads in place. Open the box that has the new pads. Examine the pads to make sure that you purchased the correct pads by comparing them while they are still on the vehicle. Pads have a metal side and a rough material side to them. After verifying that everything looks the same remove the two bolts that are on the back of the caliper. They are not the large 15/16 bolts they are probably 10mm or 12mm bolts. Once they are removed, remove the caliper by sliding it forward from the top to the front of the vehicle and lift up. You can set the caliper on top of the rotor while working. DO NOT REMOVE THE BREAK LINE AS DOING SO WILL REQUIRE YOU TO HAVE TO BLEED THE SYSTEM. Remove the outer pad make note of how you take it out and how it was positioned in the caliper. You may need a screwdriver to help release the clips from the caliper. Do not bend them. Now leaving the inner pad in place use the piston compression tool and push the piston further into its cylinder. Make sure that you place the tool in the center of the piston and apply Even pressure until it bottoms out. You will know that because you cannot turn it anymore. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. Open the box that contains the new pads. Locate the Inner pad and remove the inner pad from the caliper and replace it with the new one. Now put the outer pad in place. Return the caliper to its correct position back on the the rotor assembly and insert and replace the bolts. They should be torqued to 10 to 15 ft pounds no more. All vehicles are different so you may want to ask for the torque specifications on your model from the local repair shop. Replace the tire and perform that same steps on the other side. After you are finished make sure to tighten the cap for the Break reservoir and close the hood. Start the vehicle and slowly pump the breaks till they feel normal. Test drive it a short distance going slow. No more than 15 mph and test the breaks again. Works great. Now go clean up you terrible.
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Mike Mike
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