I need help writing my resume! please help me?

I need help writing my resume! please help me? Topic: How to write a resume example
June 21, 2019 / By Allyson
Question: can anyone please help me with these questions? how do i write a Model resume? examples please!! when i submit a model resume do i need to add a picture? what are the most important things to add on a model resume? do i need to make it short and simple or detailed and long? please help, thank you!
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Uzziah Uzziah | 5 days ago
Resume Writing. http://www.jobweb.com/ http://essayinfo.com/resume/ http://www.careerjournal.com/ http://jobstar.org/tools/resume/ http://www.resume-resource.com/ http://jobstar.org/tools/resume/index.php http://www.how-to-write-a-resume.org/resume_writing.htm
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Uzziah Originally Answered: Resume writing?
First off, two important notes from the previous thread. Do NOT write resume across the top of the document. That simply is not done any longer. Went out in the 70's - early 80's. Also do not include references or a reference statement on the resume. Not necessary and is also a very dated approach. Resume writing is a great exercise for a young person. While I certainly admire your desire to assist, this is not something you should be writing for your duaghter. She needs to learn how to do it for herself. You can work on it with her and mentor her, but please do not write it for her. She will need to learn this skill and it's best for her to begin now. That said, there are many good sample entry level resumes at the career center sites of almost all universities. A good resume will include a chronology of education as well as experiences. It will have a solid and directed objective. It will make use of action verbs and give the reader a sense of what the applicant has done and what she wants to do. Now, a GREAT resume will do all of the above , but it will focus specifically on skills and accomplishments. Ideally each resume is geared toward a specific organization or position. The skills the applicant chooses to highlight as well as the experiences should relate directly to the job or position. It needs to be as focused as possible in order to stand out from the crowd. Here's a direct link to some samples. http://www.career.emory.edu/images/PDF%2... Good luck!
Uzziah Originally Answered: Resume writing?
To provide your daughter with a quality resume, open your word document program. use a large and easy to read font. across the top and centered type the word "Resume". under that and also centered, type her full name. then below and center type her address. then below and center type her phone number. skip a line. type the word "Objective" and follow with a colon. type a short statement of why is applying for this position. skip a line type the word "Education" and follow it with a colon. provide the high school name and year of graduation. also mention any special courses pertaining to the job she is applying for. skip a line. if your daughter was in the military, this is the line that you would make that reference. if not, type the word "Previous Work Experience" then beginning with the most recent employer, offer the position information. include dates of employment and compensate for unemployed times. also include work address and contact information. try to provide as many references as practical. a short and informative resume will be read. skip a line type the words "Special Skills" and follow it with a colon. provide any pertenant information. this is a good place to mention that she is a team player and pocesses good working skills. make reference to any special courses or training. skip a line type the word "References" and follow with a colon. Provide at least 3 personal references with contact information. click save as, and your daughter will have a resume that will land her an interview.
Uzziah Originally Answered: Resume writing?
You can see some samples online to have some brief knowledge about writing a resume. Then you can choose one good format from those samples. Also, you can have some resume writing services to assist you in this project.
Uzziah Originally Answered: Resume writing?
try various university's online writing labs... the OWL at Purdue is pretty good. Usually those websites or career services websites for universities have all that information. NEVER USE MS WORD TEMPLATES

Uzziah Originally Answered: Need help writing my resume?
Interesting.... Here's seven resumes, they might help. http://www.howtomakearesume-today.com/en... Also, there's a link to 250+ more. Robert Resumecrazy
Uzziah Originally Answered: Need help writing my resume?
I also e-mailed you a very rough draft of what one may look like. Have everything lined up on the left hand side, even Name address, phone number, and e-mail. Then put porous you want the job, no more than 2 sentences. Next put your education, where you went to school, year graduated and degree earned. Then under that put job experience, Name of old employers, address, if you know it. Dates started and ended, and job title. Write down the things that will describe what you did, you know job duties. use bullets for each job duty. Then after work experience write any skills that you have that would make you the best candidate for the job. For example, languages spoken, any awards, certificates, or certifications that you have. Make sure you target the resume to which ever job you are wanting. Like if you are wanting a job in sales, give any sales experiences you have, retail, customer relations, mention if you have taken classes that involve merchandising, or people skills. The thing is only list no more the things that are important to the job you are applying for. It should be no longer than 1 page. It should flow easy. Remember employers only look at the top part and the bottom part of a resume so you want those parts to hold the key information as to why you would be suited for the job you are applying for. Never put down what you were paid at your old jobs. That may be asked on an application, but don't put it on a resume. Also, at the bottom put like, References Available Upon Request. That way if they need some you can get some together for them, otherwise, I wouldn't bother with including any references. Good luck
Uzziah Originally Answered: Need help writing my resume?
Besides setting all margins to 1", the most important criteria for setting up a professional resume besides relevant text, is "scanability." Here are some helpful tips: 1. Place just below your identification header [your hame, address, phone, email address] any Conditional Warning Statement such as "Confidential Resume,"Do Not Contact Current Employer," etc. 2. Always fill-in an Objectives category [just below the Conditional Warning Statement] and make sure that he Objective will contribute to the profitability of your future employer; 3. Select a mono-type font such as Helvetica, Arial, Courier or Times Roman; do not select any cursive handwriting styles which cannot scanned; 4. Keep font sizes within a range of 10 to 12 pts.; 5. Avoid styling text with a justified alignment, keep it flushed left; 6. Instead of using tabs to set up blocked text entries, generate a table and use the column and row settings accordingly; 7. Do not place an i.d. picture anywhere on the resume, this is a major taboo due to discrimination issues; 8. Do not place any graphic text [saved as .gifs] onto the resume since it may be overlooked during the scanning phase; 9. List at the very end of the resume your interests which should include travel experiences, language skills, social interactions such as golf, team sports, tennis, etc. In conclusion, the above helpful hints were designed to allow ease of scanning of your resume into PDF which can then be text captured for seach purposes by your potential employer. If the original resume was created in Word, WordPerfect or Mac Appleworks, it can be Saved As a PDF file which then can be saved as an email attachment. Otherwise, you can simply use a scanner and scan a hard copy of the resume and then save as a PDF file. Failure to conform the resume to appropriate fonts and styles as outlined above will result in rejection of the resume simply due to the inability of the scanning device to properly index relevant resume entries. Good luck!

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