Is it being hypocritical?

Is it being hypocritical? Topic: A thesis for gender roles in society
June 25, 2019 / By Alma
Question: Okay. I really don't believe in love and love at first sight or true love or any of that. But when someone asks a question about it like "Why is it important?" or "Why is here?". I'll answer according to opinions I've heard and and my best speculation on it as far as I would know. I'm not saying I believe in it. I'm just trying ton be as helpful as I can. But still? Does that make me a hypocrite?
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Uzziel Uzziel | 6 days ago
Love is a great topic to talk about so its not surprising we all like to have our opinions on it. . If you'd like to be more sociological, and to point to the debates about 'love at first sight' then there is some good material around in both the Sociology of Emotions and in Gender Studies. for just one example of a sociological approach: L’Amour Bourgeois”: Romantic Love as a Political Construct By Jesse Katen (ref below) In summary, there are many different historical ways in which 'romantic love' .has been constructed: it was in the development of modern society with it's division between public and domestic spheres and its emphasis on the 'freedom of the individual' that 'romantic love ' became the basis for a life long marriage -(in contrast to its previous role in feudalism- as the basis of adulterous love within marriage) You could well focus on this topic and end up with a good Ph.D thesis.....I don't think there has yet been a book published with the title 'The Sociology of Love" ..so go for it. ps I don't think hypocrisy comes into it ..everyone has a right to their opinions..but its a good idea to use your level of interest in a subject to guide you to what you want to spend your time studying and becoming 'an expert' on.
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Rolly Rolly
not really. its more of a educated guess. because if i asked you something you didnt know about youd go by what you heard. its the way we where raised.
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