So I'm applying for a job?

So I'm applying for a job? Topic: Kohl jobs application
July 18, 2019 / By Alvina
Question: This is gonna seem like a really stupid question. I'm applying for my first part time job at a local dept store (kohls). On the application where it says "position applied for", i don't really know what to put. I want to work as a cashier or something basic, but i don't know how the positions work at dept stores. What are the basic positions at a dept store that a high school student can obtain? I don't know whether or not to put "cashier".
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Vergil Vergil | 2 days ago
Just put down "Any positiion -- including cashier, stockroom, customer service, sales, office work." That should cover most of the jobs. And by including the word "any" you indicate that you're open to consider any position.
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Vergil Originally Answered: #applying for a job#?
Before I begin, most employers look for employees 16+ and it all depends on the job that you apply for, at this point, your best bet would be to do babysitting, and chores for the neighbourhood, but anything is possible, and you will find a job. Trust me, I am 16 years old, and am a Manager at a Hotel. 1. Have a resume - Many students are not aware that they need a resume or they don’t think it’s necessary for an after school job. Having a resume will let the potential employer know that you are serious about your job search and make it easier for him/her to get to know you and your qualifications for the job. Many students are intimated by resumes; however, creating a resume is not as difficult as you might think. 2. Get others involved in your job search. - Some of the best jobs are found through “networking”. Networking is simply talking with people you know about your interest in finding an after school job. Begin by making a list of people you know - church members, mom and dad’s co-workers, neighbors, coaches and teachers. Now think of what you might say to them. If you say, “I’m looking for an after school job, do you know about any openings”, their response might simply be - no. But if you say, ‘This is my first time really looking for a job, do you have any suggestions or ideas to help me”, people will be more apt to help and actually develop an interest in your search. You’ll be surprised at the number of calls you’ll get telling you about potential job opportunities. 3. Conduct informational interviews - So you really want to work at the library but you don’t think their hiring. Don’t give up just yet. An informational interview may help you get in the door. An informational interview is simply a conversation with a potential employer with the objective of gaining information about that organization and what potential opportunities might be available for you. This is not the same as calling to see if the company is hiring and/or accepting applications. If you say, “are you hiring”, the response will be yes or no, but if you say “I’m a high school student wanting to learn more about your organization”, someone will probably be willing to talk to you. Be sure to prepare your questions in advance and don’t be nervous. Most people are very friendly and eager to help. Some questions you might ask are - what’s a typical day like, what positions do high school students hold in your company, what would he/she look for in a candidate, and lastly, do they have anyone else they’d recommend you talk with. End with thanking them for taking the time to talk with you. Hopefully you will have learned quite a bit about the organization and potentially made another “networking” contact. 4. Dress appropriately - Most students know to dress nicely for an interview, but many make the error of wearing the wrong thing when they go to pick up and/or drop off an application. For a job with McDonald’s you don’t need to wear your Sunday best, but make sure that you are clean, your clothes are neat and business casual (khakis - no jeans, nice shirt or blouse - no t-shirts, and casual shoes - no old sneakers). 5. Send thank you notes - After an interview, and even an informational interview, be sure to send a simple thank you letter or note. Everyone considers their time to be valuable and your saying thank you will set you apart from the rest. Remember, whether you’re looking for a part-time or a full-time job, be sure to put your best foot forward.
Vergil Originally Answered: #applying for a job#?
Easy ways to earn money at a young age: - Paper round. You sound dedicated so i don't think early morning will be an issue here. Depending on which newspaper you deliver you can get a lot of money for a relatively easy job. -Babysitting. If you know anyone, family, friends, relatives that need a sitter from time to time.. it's a great way to earn easy cash. If, that is, you babysit good children. I make up to £30 each time i do it. -Car washing Good fun, especially if you have some friends there with you & some fun music playing. Last summer me and my friends made loads, you'd be surprised how willing people are when they're in the summer mood. -Shop help Most businesses at the moment are desperate for help but at a low cost, at your age your only entitled to a low wage anyways so it all works out. Ask your local post office or something if they need any general help, tidying up, arranging stuff etc... Hope this helps, it took me ages to write all this! Good luck!
Vergil Originally Answered: #applying for a job#?
I would guess that your screen name gives a hint as to why you are not getting a job. Tats, piercings, and fake eyelashes aren't usually terribly appealing to employers! Record shops used to be the only people who hired students like that, but with the advent of iTunes, most of those went out of business. You might want to seek the advice of a reliable adult on how to apply for a job and to give you practice in an interview. Don't get into those "get rich quick" online schemes. You are right that they are almost all scams.

Ronnie Ronnie
Put entry level. Usually what happens is you will be a Sales person/cashier when working at a department store.
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Ronnie Originally Answered: Applying for a job i really want?
The only way for me to answer this questions is to tell you something you probably do not want to hear. Some 15 years ago, I was laid off from my dream job. Left with no where to turn, and a wife and baby girl at the time, I turned to law enforcement and became a police officer, some 14 years later, it turned out to be what I was born to do. Why do I tell you this? Well to tell you not to get fixated on one job being your dream job or the job that you would kill at. I am not telling you to go out and become a cop like I did. I know law enforcement is not for everyone. But I am telling you that one of the main topics in a law enforcement application is that you be truthful. I would apply the same here. Tell them that you thought that once you got your foot in the door, this would lead somewhere, somehow to an opportunity to leap into that job that you so covet. It did not work out and you believed strongly in your heart that staying at that low level position within that company, would just be something that was not going to sharpen the skills that you believe you have to offer the company. Be honest, you do not have to use my words, but you have to be honest. Find another way to say, and stay true to yourself and the job. My best to you in your future job endeavors.
Ronnie Originally Answered: Applying for a job i really want?
Depending on what you call lying there are only a few available options to explain why you quit the lower level job after three months. . If you gave a reason for quitting when you resigned it may be recorded so you should stick with that answer. If you don't remember what reason you gave then I may try a vague answer such as: .Personal reasons .The assigned tasks were not a good fit for my talents - experience - personality .The tasks were tedious and gave me headaches, backaches, etc.. You should be prepared to give more details. What was it about the job you did not like and what effect it had on you. Good luck The PracticaL Mentor .

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