What does a TECH practice mean?

What does a TECH practice mean? Topic: How to write a play script for students
July 17, 2019 / By Alyce
Question: I'm in a play at my college and we have a schedule with all our practices on it, and most of them are just regular practices, then there are a couple which say offf book which means we don't use the script I'm guessing, then they say like run show which means go through the whole show, then dress rehearsal. But there is one practice this friday even before the ones that say off book and run show that just says TECH, does anyone know what this means? See my grandpa is basically dying and he lives far away, and I wanted to go see him this weekend, and I would have to miss that practice, and I'm just wondering how important it is, I'm afraid to ask to miss. I'm only in one scene, do you think it is that important? Um, screw you london! And to Hey- you can go to hell. I just said my grandpa was dying, I think the lighting can probably do without me. I just had one more thing to add to Hey- I'm not a professional I'm a college student you moron!
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Vern Vern | 3 days ago
There are usually 3 different kind of TECH rehearsals: DRY TECH-where actors are not needed (usually it will say on the calendar if the actors do or don't need to attend--if it doesn't say--ask your stage manager). Here, the tech crew (led by the stage manager) puts together all of the technical cues (like lights up, lights down, projections start) for the show. Q2Q(cue to cue)-Here, the actors are all expected to be there...This is where the technical crew runs the cues they wrote the day before with the actors, to fix the timing on the light fade and things like that. In Q2Q rehearsals, you don't run through the whole show...you just jump around to when the next cue is (the stage manager will tell you where to stop/start) and TECH REHEARSAL (also called WET TECH)-This is where, you run the show from top to bottom with all of the lights, sound, projectors, props and everything...and the director takes notes. This is so the director can see how his/her vision for the WHOLE show is turning out. Of course, this sometimes is different for each show...thats just how I've always done it. it is most important that you are there for Q2Q, but if you have an Assisstant Stage Manager, usually they can fill in for you, because they know all of the blocking. Just let your Stage Manager/Director know that you may not be able to make it--and ask if it would cause a problem. Even one scene is important though---there may be 15 cues that they get from your lines...so make sure you check it with them before you don't show. Good luck on your show when it goes up!
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Ronny Ronny
A tech is the most important rehearsal you can possibly attend. It's when the technical elements (lights, sound) are being used, so I think you should be there. Ask your director or stage manager for more details. But if I was running the show and someone missed my tech, I'd tell them not to come back at all. You committed to the schedule, now you need to act like a professional and stick to it.
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