Have you ever been the victim of other's people's delusions, or faked delusions? Or, have you ever hoped?

Have you ever been the victim of other's people's delusions, or faked delusions? Or, have you ever hoped? Topic: Suitcase sales in us
July 19, 2019 / By Alysa
Question: desperately, you were delusional, or wrong? High School, prepared for any eventuality, learned to sew, cook, type, take shorthand. If I married, or not, if I worked, or if I went to college, I could work &earn money while going. I married. I worked.Yrs later, same thing. Returned to college when the children became older. I was going to prepare to work and make money, all I could, so hubby could get easier, higher paying work, more ed., and kids could go to college. Have nice "things' finally. Everything went to HIAHB. graduated others had other ideas. Things bad as they can get. I was not using drugs, notn trouble with the law. I reported an attorney to the bar assoc, and reported w crimes. Wow. Things went bad.The DELUSIOn. cant be happening. I will get a job, will not lose everything. lost everything but dtr,son, & a few items of sentimental value to me. My poor son, whom I loved dearly, had to go into the Navy to get worThiswas during that Gulf mess.He ended up on a ship the Gulf. Poor guy. He also had a wreck and had to have blood transfusions in San Diego. This was so unfair.All because I reported an attorney? Then the kids didn't get to go to college. Then I had to get work,more desperate. Turned to family, churches, SocialServices, 12 attorneys , no help. No work.Kept thinking people cannot be this cruel & heartless. (We had cause for money generating lawsuits,many, & my kids have to enlist, I lose career, all,facing living in street. Not disabled.We received absolutely nothing from suits, just degradation and humiliation. This is the truth. Turned into nightmare.I had been in college, had no savings.) My daughter graduated, no more welfare.(Didn't the psychologist I saw re career counselling say "You expect people to be fair?" Well of course not always. What are you talking about? Got to toughen up there. I was tough.not out to be General Patton. I want to remain femininefemale.I am the do do bird who did not mind beingcalled Hon. learned better.I kept Delusionally thinking 1. Someone will care. I am doing all I can. I cannot hire myself. 2. It is a mistake, they think I have money. (I had only less than $50. Where would I have obtained money.Obviously I am not working.) 3. Everyone thinks my family or relative will help me. no rich relatives,Not onlythat but we are not really close. I know few personally Mayb ex will help me just a little once.Total indifferene. Although I had allowed him to have tax rfd, and stay at house a little while when he came back from gf, no help at all. He has a new girlfiend, AA. Total coldness. tough love for the old ***** he was married to for 20yrs I sacrificed for college, thinking we would have a better life. Then he has a gf., then this one.If they thought there was someone to help me, ordelusional.. I took suitcases, no money, left town. Actually, my daughter whoenlisted, after working way throughg hs, staying with me, drove me to a town in another state. I obtained a job.very stressed. NO money. motel.She paid a week or so. They turned nasty.I was getting pretty hungry. There goes that embarrassing hunger again. I had crockpot. cooked beans, the maid put soap in them.? my daughter, was gone, coworker found house which embarrassed me to death, stuck out like a sore thumb,spent my first check on soap, rent,then food., just a plate, spoon, fork a milk jug Weird work atmos. warned what would happen,,sure enough. I lost my temper, and left. I guess I was fired. I don't think anyone should have to put up with that. Then I walked, mile in the flattest soled shoes you can imagine. Literally, I had blood soaked shoes from huge blisters.many t had new clothes since 3 years b4 I graduated college, being thrifty,now about 8 yrs later.(Not the actions of someone planning to divorce, believe me.)in the past 8 yrs had about 3 prs of ydsale jeans, & yd sale tops, a cple of prs of panties, bra. Dtr. bought me a suit b4,left, pr of jeans & sweatpants. She gave her jeans. I altered a skirt from the 3 yrs b4 grad college, I lost myexcess wt weight watchers, biking & running...I took those up again after college and was at my normal wt. 135 always my normal weight. except for pregnancy, gained 25 lbs in college for tx of endometriosis. Since I had a Lifetime WW mbership, I didn't pay missed meetings, when I got close to goal wt. didn't pay at al quit smoking felt great. New mployer did not like me to leave bldg on lunch hr. I needed something to eat.Good grief. did not want me walking to work. testing to get job which paid more. He didn't like that either. Dermatologists office.. I did well on the testing.The girl I worked with kept telling me to buy a car, buy a car. What with? Huh? Down payment?insurance, license? Good grief. I had no money with me. sunk.That job ended.bloody blisters the size of dimeson my feet,walking all over looking for work. took a job in a restaurant Frankly, I do not remember what happened there. don'
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Vester Vester | 6 days ago
The only question I see can be answered is your first one. And the answer is Yes, if believing that a marriage can only get better the longer you are together. And that by the time you are both elderly you are not only the best of friends, you have been the best of lovers also. This belief served me well, until my husband had a massive thought change in life. So I am left with the realization, that not only have I lived my life in vain, but I would recommend no one has a short courtship before marrying, as I did. When I see all of the times my desires in life went on the back burner, thinking that later, I could devote the time necessary. Those times never came. And now the desires have left. I feel I am just coasting through life now. Staying to keep a roof over my head and all that's necessary that goes with that. I used to believe and still do that nothing ever comes to you, you have to go out and make things happen for yourself. That's how life worked for me. Now my get up and go, has gotten up and left. SInce this has been a last year revolation, I guess I am still in shock.
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Vester Originally Answered: How can I tell if I'm having delusions of grandeur?
Sounds like you're a little arrogant but maybe not any more than anyone else. It'd probably be worse if you thought you were stupid and everyone else was better than you. I guess the question is if this is a problem? Do you find that your attitudes are preventing you from experiencing life? Like, do you stay in bed or play video games all day because you're too good to get a job or something like that? It's also probably the case that you were brought up with higher expectations... Here's a line from a song I like, "We grew up on the space race, now they expect us to clean toilets?" I don't think we're entitled to any of what we've taken as a species and I think we've hit our peak and are at a downward spiral. That's just my opinion though. The one thing I do know is that your fate is entirely in your hands. It's up to you to change your situation. If it's not going to be you, then who?

Roscoe Roscoe
Yes. And I get your drift. I totally understand your question. And I agree with a few others especially Lynn. For example. Marriage...Even if you work hard at it and make sacrifices, He may leave you. Children...It's not as easy as raising them "right". Some kids you have to put yourself into overdrive just to keep them on the straight and narrow. Virginity until marrage...Works for some not for all. Living a wayward life can only lead to sorrow...Had a girlfriend become a prostitute when we were very young and a very nice guy saw her on the street, cleaned her up, helped her get on the right track and married her, and the rest of us young 20's were still looking for Mr. Right! Go to college and you can better yourself and compete for a better job..... My daughter learned nowadays a Masters, P.H.D and a trade under your belt is the ONLY security. And last but not least when I was growing up to hear the seniors say....Social Security will always be around, this was 1960, little did we know .... the delusion.
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Montgomery Montgomery
Actually your life is not so very different from millions of others. Different set of problems, maybe, with different people, but similarities abound. Most of us when hit with harsh reality wish we were delusional and wrong, but it usually turns out not to be so. We keep plugging away. Life is rarely fair. Just because you may be a wonderful person, does not guarantee that only wonderful things will come your way, sad, but true. Good luck to you.
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Kean Kean
Haven't we all. And then eventually we all learn to quit giving anyone the power to turn us into a victim. Don't let that kind of person occupy space in your brain. Think happy!
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Headley Headley
In his way Stalin became into yet another Hitler, and Stalin lasted longer in potential, and died of previous age, nevertheless in potential. Stalin became into in charge of Soviet Russia, an significant usa. considering that element there have been a number of dictators in charge of countries that have had extensive impression, e.g.Ghaddafi in Libya (small usa via inhabitants, yet vast impression simply by fact of oil), Mao Tse Tung in China and Saddam Hussein in Iraq (oil, returned, and seem on the chaos in Iraq considering he became into deposed). no one can assume the destiny, yet i does no longer be shocked to locate a dictator in a matching place to Hitler at it sluggish.
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Headley Originally Answered: Paranoid Delusions?
You're obviously going through a phase of great change in your life. I would urge you to research psychotic experiences and seek help as soon as possible, as it could get worse or be an ongoing issue. Now this is the tricky part, because mental health problems are still widely stigmatised and frightening to many people. Find a good doctor who is knowlegdeable and trustworthy and present your symptoms in an informed manner - if they overreact, emphasise you do not have thoughts of harming your parents. Loads of people have thoughts like these, they can be very frightening, but you're not alone and there are plenty of user groups out there - I urge you to seek them out. Treatment could possibly constitute antipsychotic mendication (not as scary as it sounds, seriously!), councelling to resolve some of the issues you obviously have with regards to your parents, and plenty of education (ownership is key!). All the best, and thanks for sharing.

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