I really want to go to an Ivy League school? What are the requirements?

I really want to go to an Ivy League school? What are the requirements? Topic: All ivy writing services
July 18, 2019 / By Alyse
Question: I really want to go to an Ivy League school? What are the requirements? I am definitely in the top twenty of my school when there are only 50 people school. I go to a very exclusive private school and I plan to go to that high school. I have all A's except in English where I have a B+ sometimes A-,but he gives us only one test each semester that determines our grade of that semester. I play tennis, and I play the piano. I am planning to become a public speaker and I am going to take speech. All the teachers like me and I am in a high science class and french class. I will hopefully be fluent in french in 10th grade though. When should i start volunteering? I think i may star end of 9 th grade on the weekends and after school. I plan to be in the african american awareness club and plan to be on the debate team. Also I am yearbook editor and vice president of my class. What else should I do to become a well rounded student for a Ivy League school (Harvard)? Also writing is not my strongest subject. Also i love reading!
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Vic Vic | 7 days ago
The people about me are a little wrong. Volunteering is a must for Harvard, which as a liberal school prefers public service. Start volunteering now. But they are right when you say plan. You better do it, as colleges dont care for procrastination. Student council and yearbook carry little weight with admissions officers, unless you have had a major accomplishment. Try Model UN, which is highly looked upon by Harvard, or Forensics Club. Both are great for speaking development. One high class is laughable by Harvard, they have plenty of applicants who take all AP courses. Do yourself a favor and start working hard, or otherwise don't apply to Harvard. If you plan to go to grad school, go to a state school, and then apply to Harvard for grad.
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Vic Originally Answered: What are the requirements for getting into an Ivy league school?
Generally if you follow the basic UC guidelines you'll hit everything they want. Unless you're a D-1 athlete consider investing in at least: 4 years math, 4 years science (i think only 3 were required), 3 History, At least 2 years foreign language, 4 English, and SAT 1 (Aim for over a 1400) OR ACT (Aim for at least a 24), SAT 2 subject tests, an essay, a transcript, interview, and 2 recommendations.

Ross Ross
hi..you have set extreme targets on your existence and that's great I only had to congratulate you. with out targets we would be going no the place speedy! i could no longer particularly answer your question because of the fact the assumption of attending an Ivy league college wasn't precisely in my plans magnificent after extreme college. i ought to on no account have the money for it and that i basically had a three.2 GPA>>>i did no longer have undesirable grades yet its rather lots an universal GPA, MY SAT rankings werent that sturdy. in any case...my element is that i'm in college..My college right here in Miami definitely has what's noted as an honors college Its no longer undemanding to get in yet its very low-value. additionally its very annoying...I advise in case you get in this application i do no longer advise having a activity because of the fact many human beings will not be able to deal with it. we are speaking approximately TAKING a minimum of seven-8 training at a time. To make an prolonged tale short pupils interior the honors college finished the 1st 2 years of faculty and flow to excellent universities for something of there preparation. MANY even flow to Ivy league faculties...its lots extra value-effective this manner and your nonetheless getting the preparation you want! properly sturdy success girly!
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Montmorency Montmorency
Colleges don't care about your grades or accomplishments from middle school, and all this stuff you're "planning" is meaningless until you actually accomplish it. Why are you so obsessed with Harvard? What about Harvard do you find compelling, other than its name? Here's a paradox: Harvard doesn't accept applicants whose main goal in life is to get into Harvard. You need to figure out what you are actually interested in, what you actually care about, what you actually want to accomplish with your life; Harvard will admit you if they think that you have the potential to do great things and they have the ability to help you get there. Read this article: http://www.hopelesstoharvard.com/college... You don't NEED to play sports, and don't need to take the SAT a million times, but otherwise his advice is pretty good. You're too young to plan out your entire high school career right now, and by being that inflexible you will miss out on what could be your true passion in life. Give yourself the space to figure out what you're actually interested in, and to go do it. Good luck.
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Keane Keane
First of all, get it out of your head that volunteering is a requirement for college entrance. There is no college in this country that requires community service as a condition of acceptance. your counselors, teachers, and parents are lying to you.
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Keane Originally Answered: IVY LEAGUE REQUIREMENTS?
You'll want an to get your SAT score as high as possible, 700 or more in each subject would be ideal to pick to SAT subject tests, pick your STRENGTHS, because you'll also want a 700 or more in each subject. Do you have any community service experience? If not, find some, and do it 2-3 times a week for at least 2 hours each time (if you can do more that's ideal) Clubs are good-- but only one is necessary, if you start one that would be better, they want students that are well rounded, so school, community, etc. AP classes are good, you'll want at least a 4 on the exams and straight A's. Keep track of ALL awards you have from high school-- scholastic, athletic, and otherwise Apply for local scholarships, writing, science, whatever (pick a strength of yours though) Then find an adviser that will help your write your personal statement. They're EXTREMELY tough on those. They're going to want to get to know you in 500 words or less! So find what makes you unique and start writing. Good luck!

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