How can we trust history?

How can we trust history? Topic: Personal statement for teacher examples
July 18, 2019 / By Alysha
Question: How can we really trust history being taught in textbooks? I'm not referring to events such as Nazi Germany, Stalin, ect. Because these were somewhat recent events. But events and times like the ancient Rome, or the Mayans, or any historic record from hundreds to thousands of years ago. I find that these could easily be manipulated. For example, we can trust science because it can be tested, retested, and observed (for the most part). This, however obviously cannot be done with known historical "facts". If there happen to be any historians or history teachers/professors here, please let me know anything you can. Thank You.
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Vick Vick | 8 days ago
A very good question! The simple answer: you can't, really. I mean: you, Zack, personally. (Nothing personal, mind you.) History is a lot of interpretation. From waht angle are you looking? In the past, this was usually the military angle. "Varus was defeated in 9 AD", that sort of stuff. This was seen (incorrectly, in my opinion) as not politically correct. Today the focus is much more on what the people did in those times. Makes it much easier to insert a lot of political correct statements. You can much better link events to a struggle between classes. I just finished a book about the Jewish Revolt in 68 AD. Good book, i recommend it. But... it is absolutely loaded with references to a (socialist) class struggle. You have to be VERY careful not fall into that trap. Learn to read between the lines. Probably you feel a twitch somewhere. Something, but you don't know what, tells you something is wrong. Follow those twitches. Lots of events are written down, but no special attention is given to the event. As if it's something normal. Examples: Frederick Hendrick, son of William of Orange got into confilct with the Staten Government. They didn't want to do what he wanted. So he decided to lay siege to Amsterdam. While he was marching his troops towards Amsterdam, they lost their way on the moors. A passing (Amsterdam) postillion put them on the right track. But in the mean time, the postillion reached Amsterdam and raised the alarm. The prince couldn't do a surprise attack, so a stalemate happened. Now, if the military commander decides to besiege his own capital, that is usually called 'high treason'. However, since the House of Orange became the kings and queens of the present Netherlands, this was hushed up. But it is high treason all the same. Another example: The Netherlands pride itself being a straunch ally in WW2. The facts are a wee bit different: the civil administration got a salary raise of 300% the day after the Germans took over. They didn't complain! nor did they really work against the Germans. Far from it. The Dutch served, in percentage, more as volunteers in the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS than Germans did. There was so much resistance in The Netherlands, the Germans didn't even kept an occupation army. The local police (civil servants, the chaps who got that 300% raise) was more than enough. Granted there were a lot of German troops around. But they were on RandR. That is something you don't read in Dutch history books. You have to pick up those facts as you go. Bits here and bits there. But I think you are on the right track. Keep it up! Don't let others make up your mind for you. That happes too much already.
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Rowan Rowan
well, personally i think ancient history has been systematically erased and an alternate storyline pushed in academia .. why ... becasue 'if' you knew your real roots as a human and what has existed before you wouldnt follow the people currently shaping your world with the same ancient vision of world domination ....there are a few insiders that know ... also, EVERY large empire that has come along has destroyed history and evidence, knowledge and civilizations .. they have never 'furthered' the human condition or knowledge .. they bury the truth to shape their own vision ...
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