I was supposed to meet an old friend from college.?

I was supposed to meet an old friend from college.? Topic: The case store facebook
June 24, 2019 / By Alyson
Question: We havent seen or heard from each other in about 15 years... we found each other on Facebook. We arranged to meet at a cafe in a department store.. I volunteered my mobile number in case anything went wrong, she offer hers in return, i had to ask for it. The number she gave me had one digit too many. ANyway, on the day i was running late (i had 2 babies with me). I couldnt call her because she gave me a duff number. In any case it turned out there were about 3 cafes in this dept store, so we neither of us knew which cafe the other was in. Long story cut short ..We missed each other. Now, how could this situation have been avoided?? (PS i know what I would have done if i had been her, but just wonder why she didnt do it.) sorry, i meant to say she DIDNT offer her mobile number in return, i had to ask for it.. and the number she gave me was incorrect. Abstract gemini lady - you are exactly right. actually i did email her re her number but i only discovered the mistake 2 hours before we were due to meet up. when i got home i mailed her again to ask her why she didnt call. Have not had a response which addresses either of these issues thus far. presunably if there was a problem with her calling me (i.e. maybe she didnt have credit, or its a work phone or WHATEVER), she should have told me this when i gave her my number. Bear in mind she is a teacher she should hae enough money to put credit on her phone. The only response i have had is she facebooked me and said she checked 2 cafes and waited an hour for me before going home. Why would you sit waiting for someone for an hour when you have their number????
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Vin Vin | 10 days ago
hmm she should have called,I am not sure why she didn't in the situation-because it seems that if she went as far as to want to meet you again she would have wanted everything to move smoothly-you should let her know in an email she gave you too many digits and just plain ask her why she didn't call when she didn't see you///but be nice about it.:}
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Vin Originally Answered: My best friend won't meet up with me because she has too much homework?
Well, I suppose it comes down to two things. 1) Does she do this on a regular basis, or is this the first incidence? If she's broken engagements with you previously like this, it's not a good thing. If, however, this is a rare occurrence for her, then I would suggest giving her the benefit of the doubt. Homework can overwhelm, and often family commitments are non-negotiable. 2) I agree that she should have given you a more clear idea, but you did call her and try to move up your plans at the last minute. If you'd made the plans further in advance, I would consider it rude to cancel at the last moment. I would suggest being understanding for the moment, but if this continues to be a pattern, I would bring it up to her in a calm manner.
Vin Originally Answered: My best friend won't meet up with me because she has too much homework?
Maybe she just doesn't feel like going? I do that sometimes. If I'm not really in the mood, I say I don't want to go. I still like my friends and still want to hang out with them, just not at that particular time.

Rowley Rowley
Maybe she wasn't ready to meet you again, after so many years and she didn't know how to say so. Or maybe she did want to meet you but she gave you the wrong number by accident. Whatever her reason is, I wouldn't pressure her. I would e-mail her and say something like how you missed her the other day and how silly that neither one of you realized there was more than one cafe in the department store. Let her know that if she wanted to try this again that you'll be up for it. And leave the details in her court. If she wants to see you, she'll make sure that it happens. If not, remain friends online and don't pressure her.
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Mordechai Mordechai
Obviously to specify where in the department store the cafe is, which one, make sure the number is correct that she was giving you, and give each other a rough idea as to what you'll be wearing that day to help spot the other.
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Mordechai Originally Answered: I need advice with my supposed 'Best Friend'?
Well she probably got a boyfriend. This type of thing happens when friends get into new relationships. How can you get to talking again, give it time or just ask her why she is so distant. Those are really your only 2 options my friend.

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