Which pet is right for me?

Which pet is right for me? Topic: Homework for grown ups
July 19, 2019 / By Alyx
Question: I am thirteen years old and I believe that I'm responsible and mature enough to take care of my own pet. I don't do any sports or things after school, so I'll be able to spend time with my pet. I would like something on the smaller side, but I'm allergic to cats and a dog is too big of a responsibility and bank breaker for me. I'm willing to pay for EVERYTHING for my pet, as I have around $600 saved up. I'm sure my parents would help me though, since they think that I shouldn't use all of my money and save some for college. I'm in eighth grade, so I have around five years until I have to go to college. (unless I wait a few years to go because of my pet, but I don't want to ^_^ And I don't want to put the life of a pet I asked for in my parents' hands when I'm not there) I've been thinking either 2 rats, a hamster, or a budgie. Which do you think would be the best pet for me? Thank you all so much for your help!! ^_^ And all criticism will be ignored. Thanks again!! I really appreciate it! Hahahahaha, Sonia! I can't believe you just said that to a 13 year old! That makes you sound so mature. I think you're the one who needs to grow up.
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Virgil Virgil | 3 days ago
Definitely the rats! If you want a pet that will bond with you quickly and deeply, love to play with you, on you and around you, learn tricks easily, enjoy your cuddles, doesn't bite, adjust to your schedule and keep you entertained with their cute and comical antics, a pair of rats is perfect. Males are my preference as they enjoy being held, cuddled, kissed and generally abused like that. Females are more go-go-go and prefer to run around like lunatics. The downsides to rats: - they don't live long. 3 years used to be normal, but over time it's been creeping down to just 2 - they do rack up enormous vet bills. They are prone to respiratory problems. Some rats will only need one or two visits in their lifetime, but there's always the chance you'll end up with a sicky and find yourself at the vet more often than you see your doctor. On the plus side, with $600 you'll have a couple of hundred spare for the vet. :) Rats are the most amazing, gorgeous little pets and I couldn't be without mine. It's lovely when they've been free-ranging in the kitchen, then hear my voice and come bounding over for cuddles, or when they crawl willingly into your hands. My favourite time is when we all chill in front of the TV together and my biggest, fattest boy immediately claims his spot on my neck and shoulder, under my hair or chin, like a big, warm, furry scarf. :) He manages to achieve a semi-liquid state. My dad has unfavourably compared him to a furry slug or jellyfish. :( My second choice out of your list would b a budgie. They are very pretty and do form deep bonds with their owners, but can be destructive when left alone and birds do some strange things (night frights, for instance). Personally I'd go for a cockatiel for their intelligence, but budgies certainly aren't far behind. They are also small and, like rats, can spend time on your shoulder whilst you do homework (rats will enjoy being on your lap, too, or roaming your desk 'helping''). My last choice would be the hamster. They are basically just sharp teeth and capricious personalities wrapped up in a cute furry bundle. I can't bring myself to trust them - they bite even the people who love and feed them. My rats have never bitten me, even when they are terrified and angry because I'm bathing them (not a fun experience for anyone). Hamsters, on the other hand, seem to bite on a whim. With handling they can become sweet and docile, but they are still nibbly. Of course, they have the advantage over rats when it comes to cage size - they can live in a plastic bin instead of a cage that measures 4 cubic feet - but they've got nothing on them in terms of loving personalitiy. If I was considering a smaller pet than rats, I'd go with mice. They are generally more intelligent and less randomly nibbly. Best of luck with your quest! Whichever animal you choose, make sure you do tons of research and don't impulse buy. Getting your animal from a breeder or shelter will always be better than from a petshop. Have fun! :)
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Royale Royale
I think any of those pets would be a fun pet that you could teach tricks to but I must warn I had two guinea pigs like hamsters and they are quiteboring in my opinion I unfortunately ended up selling them to my friend where they are fat and happy. I think (I no this isn't on the list) that a small dog sounds perfect for you my family got the first dog when I wad 6-7. I have two pomerainian x Maltese and they are very very fun love to walk and play fetch can be inside or outside. Anyway hope you find a perfect pet. Oh I forgot a chook or two also sounds good plus then you get fresh eggs yum
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Morgen Morgen
Hanster! I've had a ton of different animals, and for a thirteen year old a hamster is the best choice. Birds are messy and they aren't that much fun unless you play with them a lot so they don't tur mean. Rats are rats that's gross and their snake food. A hamster is a real pet and really cute. Just make sure to clean the cage pretty often.
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Keelin Keelin
I dont go with any of thoese budgies are realy squeaky and messy and hamsters stink horribley and i dont have anything about rats but i would defintly go with a guinea pig.Just saying.Or a ferret.
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Hedley Hedley
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