Lil wayne used to be good what happened?

Lil wayne used to be good what happened? Topic: Lil wayne writing a song
July 18, 2019 / By Ambrosia
Question: This new ''Dedication 3'' and "Drought 6" shi't sucks. He sounds like a kids artist. What ever happened to him going hard with true lyrics and hard beats? AkA 1. 1000 degreez (the original name of ''Im Me'' 2. Something you forgot. 3. All the Carter 2 4. All the Carter 3 5. And his old underground 6. Forever I can 7. Grinding 8. I am the future 1 & 2 9. Weezyaveli those are just some off the top of the head examples, but there are so many more good old underground/ known songs. Now he just sucks. the only songs ive personally recently enjoyed are 1. put me in the game 2. eat you alive now he just sucks? do you agree, and do you know any songs good that are like 1000 degreez and ect? He just sucks now, and it making mix's with unknown artists that also suck ( that ''Da Nutt'' guy for example.) And he raps with like pop girls, and his beats are slow, they arent hard, his lyrics are somewhat good, but they are S....L........O............W.......... He still has his good voice and pitch but isnt using it I want to ride to Wayne but cant anymore because i wont enjoy it and dont want to make others think im riding to some weird hip hop baby shi't. Im a underground guy ( meaning ive heard ALL his stuff, and hear everything weeks or months before its publicly released, and hear alot of stuff thats never released or is on mixtapes) but theres nothing good. Do you agree? Why or why not? And what is Lil wayne thinking of rapping to like Pop music and Drums and stuff ( like ''Let it Rock'')? And dont say im a Wayne Disser, im not, in fact Lil Wayne is my Favorite Rap Artist out there out of anyone. Im just dissapointed in his new stuff.
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Walt Walt | 1 day ago
He started writing his own music now he suck even more!! He was alright when other people was writing his music for him. Now he's been exposed for the crack-head that he Is.
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Rudyard Rudyard
I don't know what he is thinking. My personal favorite was "make it rain". His voice is very distinguishable. WHatever though, other rappers fell into the same trap before. Remember fifty? His underground sh%% was off the hook. Problem child, for example. Then he made "massacre". I think its the contracts. Record companies lock them in to a certain number of albums within a certain number of years. The last album/s, I don't think have the passion the early ones do because they are forced to make them to fulfill agreements.
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Morty Morty
Wow! Thank you! just what I was looking for. I looked for the answers on other websites but I couldn't find them.
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Kelley Kelley
agreed. i was dissapointed when i saw him in let it rock. hes gone soft. but remains top artist. =) he IS an excellent artist, but i think the media chose his fate. if it was up to him... he would be doint those hard beats everybody loves. oh well..............
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He has a new CD: We the Best w/ songs like: 1. The Boss 02:01 2. I'm So Hood (Freestyle) 00:58 3. Low 01:44 4. Shawty Get Loose 01:16 5. Supa Sexy 02:14 6. Feelin It 01:10 7. We Takin Over 02:24 8. Ridin Out 01:14 9. Bartender 01:28 10. So Fresh 01:21 11. Baby Don't Go 01:38 12. Untouchable 01:47 13. Good Life 02:17 14. Buy U a Drank 02:11 15. Who the F Is That 02:48 16. Greatness 01:38 17. Freaky **** 01:40 18. U Ain't Know 02:00 19. Everything 01:47 20. Come & Get Us 01:47 21. Know What I'm Doin 02:54 22. Creep Fast 01:16 23. On Bail 01:24 24. Pop, Lock & Drop It 02:41 25. Drop It Down Low 01:28 26. Cyclone 01:50 27. Bounce 01:25 28. Shawty 02:03 29. The Let Out 02:05 30. Kiss Kiss 02:11 31. I'm a Flirt 03:36 32. Same Girl 02:44 33. She Got It 01:53 34. Get It 02:05 35. Ask for It 02:30 36. Moon of Dreams 01:55 37. So High 03:58

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