Yet another poker supplies question. Guys help?

Yet another poker supplies question. Guys help? Topic: Poker case set
May 26, 2019 / By Amelia
Question: I want to get my boyfriend a poker set for xmas. So I was wondering... what is more important, the case or the chips? You see, being a broke college girl and all, I can afford to either get a nice mahagony case with just plain/cheap chips, or I can get a set that has an aluminum case that's more like a brief case with nice clay chips. Which would you rather get??
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Walter Walter | 2 days ago
def the chips.I suggest min 500 11.5 semi clay set.The weight and texture is what a player likes.Stay away from your cheap plastic chips.Your botfriend with realy like these chips.
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Walter Originally Answered: Question about online poker.?
Yup, those are totally allowed. They are not prohibited nor are they considered cheating. In fact,a lot of poker rooms promote that kind of software, or even offer their own RIGHT on the site. Why more people don't take advantage I have no idea. In truth, it's not really even a cheat, just an assistant for novices or those whose math isn't that quick (after all, you don't have as much time to add up probabilities online as you do in live games). I use poker office, which doesn't calculate your odds of winning, but it calculates pot odds and odds of improving your hand, plus it ranks your current hand against other possible hands (thus the second best full house would be ranked 2, only beatable by a four of a kind) and keeps track of your opponents and how they have played. Another thing you can do on many online poker rooms which is actually cheating, in a sense, is look at your opponents hands after they have won, even if they choose not to show their cards. Just request a hand history and you will be show every winning hand that was dealt. You can learn how your opponents play from this. It's a useful feature which I am personally against, but if it's there, might as well use it.

Russ Russ
Definitely the chips. I play A LOT of poker and much prefer using the better chips, a case isn't needed as much. I would suggest looking at Wal-mart or maybe checking online such as Ebay or Amazon ect. to find a good set for cheaper.
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Mose Mose
The chips usually come in a case, don't worry if its not a great looking case. Last time I looked, sets of 500 chips with case were pretty cheap on Ebay
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Kelly Kelly
Chips, chips, and if you missed it CHIPS. The case is seen when you take them out and put them away but the chips are seen throughout the game. Far more import to have some nice chips.
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Heron Heron
I would rather have the one with the nice chips, the case is really not important. Try Walmart, k-mart or Target.
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Heron Originally Answered: Poker chips set on poker stars?
personally I like a heavy chip, so I picked up a set of 650 tricolor 14 gram clay chips from Discountcasinogear.com The quality was very good for the price and the shipping was reasonable, but I guess it comes down to how much you want to spend. I spent around $150 for my set (with a cheap-o case that I replaced.. it wasn't made for a heavier chip) and got it in about a week and a half. Nextgen are also good and can be found for about the same price. look around on google there are many sites giving advice of what to look for a a good chip.

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