I'm really confused with my friend. Can you help me out?

I'm really confused with my friend. Can you help me out? Topic: Essay on true friend
July 18, 2019 / By Amelie
Question: Today, my friend and i got into a fight. Even though that may seem normal with friends, this one was different then any other fight that we have had. It was worse. My friend suspects that i'm mad at her all the time, even though i'm not. She believes that i think that she's a bad friend, even though i do not think that at all. Once she said that, i just her that i wasn't mad, it's just sometimes things annoy me. I gave her some examples as to why i felt that way, and then she apologized, but i think it was sarcasm. Then she tells me that it's not fair about how i treat her like a "horrible person" and that she should be "apologizing for something," When that is so not true. I'm just annoyed with her, and i've told her that. It just becomes annoying when all she talks about are the same old things, all the time, and she expects me to listen, when i already know. Then she went on and on about how i treat her like "crap" every single day, and how i'll argue with her, tell her that she's wrong, or act like i don't even care about what she's saying. First of all, it's okay for a friend to tell you that you are wrong, there's no harm in that--that's what good friends do. So what's her problem? Second, sometimes friends argue. The only reason i think she said that was because i was telling her the difference between "dating" and "boyfriend and girlfriend," but she thought that they were the same thing. She considers that as arguing. Then just yesterday at lunch, our english classes had to write in class essays, and my english class just had to write 4 paragraphs, while hers had to write 5. She didn't understand that, so she said that i did mine wrong. The thing is, i think i know what my english teacher wanted me to have on my in class essay--not her. So she was basically telling me i was wrong there. Then, she's complaining about how i think 2 of her friends are mean. The only reason why i think that, and i've told her this quite a few times, is because whenever i say hi to them, you know, being a good person? They always ignore me. I told my friend this, and how it was rude of them, and her response is that i don't know them, and i'm not friends with them. And i'm like, "Well i'm trying to be friends with them by saying hi to them. I want to be a nice person since you introduced me to them, and i just want to say hi." And then she's like, "Well you're not friends with them." and im like, "Well to be friends with them, you have to talk to them right? And that's what im doing." I just don't get her, she's confusing me way too much, and i'm trying to be nice to her friends, so it won't be awkward around each other, but she doesn't get it. Then she brings in how everyone else thinks that i'm mad, when once again, i am not mad. Then i tell her that i feel like you're blaming everything on me, and then she just hangs up saying that she's not going to waste my time with me. I felt really bad, and she's been my friend for awhile, so i decided to call her back an hour later. When she picked up, she had this major attitude, and when i said, "Hey," trying to be nice, all she could say was, "WHAT?" I don't get it. I take the time to call her, to make up for what happened, so we can solve this again, and then she's acting really rude. Am i missing something here? I asked her time and time again how i make her feel like "crap," but all she says is, "I already told you." But what she told me were the "generals," she didn't give me specific examples, which is what i want so i can really see how i acted. I told her that i didn't understand and if she can give me specific examples, but she couldn't think of any! It made me really, really irritated, and i told her i didn't understand, and all she said was, "You never understand anything." Ha, she says that I make her feel like crap? Now THAT made ME feel like crap. What should i do? I've been friends with this girl for a long time, and we rarely get into fights. I've talked to my other friends, even my dad, and basically all that they say is that this is just a big misunderstanding and a lack of communication. What do you think? Is there anything that i can do?
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Walton Walton | 3 days ago
You just gotta calm down. Fights happen all the time between friends like it has between you and your friend believe it or not. It's happened to me w/ my best friend plenty of times but you know what, we always settle them through talking it out instead of arguing who is right and who is wrong. Just try to talk to your friend about what she is trying to do when she starts arguing over nothing. Believe me, if you can't resolve her anger issues, that means she isn't much of a friend, she would be more of an enemy.
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Wow this is one of those situations when you wish you hadn't done that, he seemed like the best friend ever before you dated. Anyways back to my answer, Its a little confusing cause he was overprotective of you and yet he was flirting with girls like he doesn't give a **** about you. So my conclusion would be is to try to get things back to the way they were before dating, if all else fails try talking about why he flirts with the girls and if he still gives you a lame answer then just leave and don't look back.........
Walton Originally Answered: I don't know what my ex wants anymore. I'm getting very bloody confused now:S I want my best friend back:(?
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Russel Russel
first ask yourself if all this drama is worth it? talk it out i dont mean to be negative but maybe she wants to depart from you and shes using u as the excuse just call her or text her or somethin
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