How can I get my homework done faster?

How can I get my homework done faster? Topic: How to do my homework fast
July 18, 2019 / By Amey
Question: I don't like doing my homework i just got done a couple of mintues ago so i just deciced to type this.I get home around 4 and i have so much homework that im so not in a mood to do everything And i am felling like every class so give me tips or whatever.I Have ANother ? called {Help me stay awake in school{please 8th}[email protected]#$ I know how to do the work its just to much
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Warner Warner | 5 days ago
Do half of it then reward yourself with a quick snack then do the rest of it straight after kind of bribe yourself. If that does not work ask your friends if you can get to gether with them and just help each other you can get through almost anything with a little help from your friends.
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Rusty Rusty
Do your homework the place there are not any distractions - like fb!, television, radio, friends, etc. Set a timer & do exactly your homework. once you artwork for 0.5 an hour, provide your self a reward, like a drink or snack. Make your self artwork to get some thing you like. a powerful TIP - Do your homework spectacular the 1st time, so which you do no longer could desire to do it over.
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Moss Moss
Always do the things you like least first and save the better things to look forward to. Do you have a friend to study with who is serious about his/her work? Study for 15 minutes then take a break for 15. On and off helps but don't break longer than the time you work.
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Kemp Kemp
make sure you are paying attention in class...scan the homework assignment before the end of class and ask your teacher about the problems that you think will give you a lot of trouble. treat yourself after you finish your homework...make a rule that you can't get on the computer and check myspace or facebook until you have finished your homework
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Kemp Originally Answered: How to do homework faster?
I understand, I used to be just like you. Here are tips: 1) Get a planner and at the end of every class, WRITE DOWN THE ASSIGNMENT!!!!!! this is so important. 2) When you get home, have a snack, then start you homework RIGHT AWAY. Have a family member tell you to start as you are getting used to this. 3) Don't dp procrastination; it comes back to you and it is not fun. If you get a big project, start it the DAY OR WEEKEND YOU GET IT. it's way way way better and more fun to be ahead of the game than behind it. 4) Keep a list a phone #s for help from friends. 5) do the hardest hom ework first. As it get later, your brain starts to shut down. So if you save the easiest for last, your brain can relax a little. 6) Get your sleep. Drink lots of water. Eat healthy. Get exercise. It's amazing what it all can do I hope this helps, remember most important do not procrastinate. But most of all, don't let homework run your life, enjoy being a kid! :)

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