I'm not sure about this guy?

I'm not sure about this guy? Topic: School papers to print math
June 24, 2019 / By Anabella
Question: Long story, sorry. synopsis at end. I met this guy last year when I was in Freshman year. He was friends with one of my friends so obviously, He became my friend. I got to know him one day when My friends and him decided to walk from school to his church and we talked about a bunch of things like old tv shows and pokemon. I knew he was in a higher class but I didn't know he was in his senior year until He came into one of my classes and I asked him what he was doing in there and he said, "printing my senior paper" and I was like, "ehhhhhhhhh". After that, I wouldn't talk to him or hang out with him for awhile. We would occasionally bump into eachother when I went to my guitar class and he came out of his Choir class at the same time. After while we started talking more and more in between those to periods to the point where he would stay in the guitar class and talk to me until the late bell rang and the music teacher told him to go to math. He asked me for my number one day and texted me after one of his concerts he asked me to come to a couple days later. We texted for awhile after that. During summer vacation he would constantly ask me if I wanted to hang out with him and I would always be busy and most of the time he was saying, "Wanna come smoke a joint?" and I would be like, "eeeeh." so we didn't hang out all summer but then at the begining of this school year, he started coming to the school when it came out and we would walk together or just hang out. One day he drove there in his car so I went to his house and we just watched a movie at his house and curled up together on his couch. After that I had the strange thought that he only wants to sleep with me. Bu that might just be my paranoia on everything. So does this guy that is 3 something years older than me (he calculated it once) and constantly comes to see me at school and acts all lovey like me or does he just want to sleep with me?
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Wayne Wayne | 2 days ago
This is all I know since I'm a lesbian and don't really know how guys work. My male friend would always tell me that any man who is nice to you wants to get in your pants. And he was nice to me and tried to get in my pants.
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Salah Salah
Honestly to me it doesnt sound like he wants to sleep with you. really it sounds like he is just unsure of how to approach you, and by the constant hanging out and such he may be trying to feel for you to see if you are interested. It sounds like hes waiting on you to make a move honestly. has he insinuated that he is gay or bisexual? personally i would make sure of that first. otherwise its just another dude wanting some company.
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