What would you do if you had Aids?

What would you do if you had Aids? Topic: Aids research documentary
June 24, 2019 / By Anastacia
Question: I have been doing a lot of research on AIDS (I am a college student) and there are so many things that go along with this disease, it is just plain horrible the way that one might suffer. If you found out that you had AIDS what would you do? BTW.... there is no cure, you don't die from AIDS, you die from the diseases that your body gets because of not having any kind of immunity. I was watching a documentary were a girl got it from going to the dentist, she was a virgin and had never done drugs. The dentist had "full blown" AIDS and was still practicing. He gave it to her and because it was "full blown" she died 2 yrs later
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Webster Webster | 4 days ago
AIDS is transmitted trough blood or unprotected sex(condom),the virus HIV is attacking the lymphocytes T4 from the blood which have a defensive roll in the organism.The result is a immunodeficiency.To be more explicit: a severe sore throat it can be cure with antibiotic in 3 days for people ho are infected with HIV the same diseases will not be cure so easy.Is incurable diseases. the infection it self is not deadly but any infection can kill very easy because the body have no defense. What would do if I would have AIDS never unprotected sex,I would were it with me all the time condoms,if is possible worn friends that my blood is infected.Is no point to have the disease spread because of me.All will can do if we have this is to protect other
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Webster Originally Answered: HIV-AIDs?
You cant fight a war if your troops don't believe or don't want to win.... People don't want to believe it could happen to them. I know people today who are still picking up strangers at bars and sleeping with them.. unprotected. Unless a better part of the population starts taking responsibility, there will always be a problem.

Salathiel Salathiel
Honestly I would probably let it be known and pray that one day I could find someone that either 1 had it too or 2 did not care and loved me anyways but you have to let people you sleep with know before you sleep with them this is one of the worlds fastest spreading std and it is rampid among college students so be careful and if you dont know how you got it research it there is nothing worse then people spreading stuff and maybe they dont know adn everyone needs to know!
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Murray Murray
I'd probably sign myself up for clinical research. So hopefully, even if it meant sacrificing myself, researchers might find a cure or at least better treatment for AIDS.
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Kennedy Kennedy
Continue to live as I know my lifespan is limited. I will repay my MUM, DAD and SIS and help the less advantage people by volunteering myself especially those depressed patients in Woodbrige hospital. I would like to shower Woodbridge hospital patients with love and happiness and tranquil in their mind and soul.
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Hizkijah Hizkijah
Hello dear If i find out that i am HIV positive. the best thing to do is get to any HIV rehabilitation center for advise.look for medical advice and if possible drugs for reduction of the virus.make my status known to all my loved ones
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Hizkijah Originally Answered: Do you have AIDS or Hiv?
I was [mis]diagnosed 'HIV' positive nearly 17 years ago, in 1990 and with 'AIDS' since 1998. I say misdiagnosed because, although I was 'officially' diagnosed I no longer accept that diagnosis as valid due to my own exhaustive research into the dissenting scientific, alternative medical critique or challenge to the 'HIV' theory of immuno-deficiency. There is a minority of scientists, including Nobel Laureates and Members of the National Academy of Sciences and thousands of academics, journalists, doctors and consumer advocates who are disbelievers like me. There is no conspiracy in what we are saying. We are saying the 'HIV/AIDS' theory or model is an infectious myth-conception, a medical mistake. Throughout history there have been mismanaged epidemics inwhich the majority of doctors and scientists were later proven to have been wrong as to the cause or cure. I was prescribed three pills twice a day called an 'AIDS' drug cocktail for about a year and a half until I discovered there is no completed research comparing those on the drugs versus those not on the drugs [ie: placebo controlled] that showed the drugs were safe or effective in extending life or improving the quality of life[ie: overall health]. I stopped taking them when I started asking questions and discovering information that conflicted with what I had originally been told by those employed in the AIDS Industry. For example, I learned that 'HIV' tests are non-specific antibody tests that are not even licensed for diagnostic purpose by the FDA [Food & Drug Administration] and that there are many known cross-reactors to these proteins said to be unique to the alleged 'HIV.' Although I no longer believe I was "infected" because of my examination of many other scientific and medical inconsistancies in the 'HIV/AIDS' theory or model. As to why I could have tested 'HIV' positive if not infected, it should be noted that I do not believe the 'HIV' tests are always or usually a marker for a stressed immune system as some AIDS Dissidents argue. It is just as likely a crank call as a wake-up call. I do know that I first developed Hepatitis B right before my test and later learned that HBV was one of the 70+ documented cross-reactors to the alleged 'HIV' specific proteins measuring an antibody response on the socalled 'HIV' tests. My biggest support has been family and true friends, including my new friends from those within the AIDS Dissident community who have supported me in questioning and now join with me in our ongoing fight to get people informed. We believe the consumer and citizen has a health and human right to be fully informed in their consent or dissent on a life and love-altering matter. Unfortunately, the AIDS and Conventional, Pharmaceutically-based Medical Industries do not agree that consumers should be given both sides of the story.

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