I need help writing a song?

I need help writing a song? Topic: Help writing a pop song
July 18, 2019 / By Andra
Question: I dont write lyrics, i just write music. My bassist writes the lyrics. But all of my songs have the same format. they all go: intro, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge, chorus chorus. Are there any variations i can do to make my songs a little different? And are most songs basicallylike the format i'm using? And while i'm at it, do you like our band name? Its Bright Light City. Finally, we do like pop punk stuff
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Wesley Wesley | 7 days ago
basically everyone uses that format you could skip the intro, start with the chorus, verse, chorus, verse, bridge, chorus, chorus, relevent line that completes the song I like Bright Light City
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Wesley Originally Answered: Im writing a song for this girl who i really like and she knows im writing it.feedback?
literally it looks good but I think if you will put it in audio format with music, it will look best and heard best. and if it is exclusively only for your girlfriend then I am really sorry.

Sammie Sammie
in my opinion forget which bits arethe verse and the chorus.....work on a couple of lyric patterns and then fit words/sounds to them. if you want a song to be a little diffrent maybe try having a chorus with no words but a really catchy riff like....96 quite bitter beings....the words arent great but the riff is imense and yes, yes i do.
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Myles Myles
If I heard what it seemed like then might be I would reply this larger, nevertheless it appears beautiful well, and I feel I might concentrate to it on circumstances... It turns out a little bit brief and might simplest be like a a million:30 and such a lot songs are approximately two:00-four:00 mins lengthy... nevertheless it appears adore it might be a well music... Hope I helped...
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Kenny Kenny
your format you're using is the right format. don't ever change it! =D but Bright Light City sounds like an okay name.
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Kenny Originally Answered: I started writing a song. i need help writing it?
it need to be more original. When you think about Jim (im just saying thats is name for now) what do you picture. PAint a picture for your listeners. Dont just say I could be myself straight forward, but say something like: "I'm only happy when your not sad" but use your own words and feelings. instead of saying how you feel straight forward pait a picture. HEy! Even use that phrase: "Jim paints the world ore clearly" or something just BE CREATIVE. Hope this helped ;) <3 Isabel

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