Told him he couldn't have my number and somehow he has it now?

Told him he couldn't have my number and somehow he has it now? Topic: Limited and extended problem solving
July 17, 2019 / By Andrina
Question: well, I find it a bit disrespectful because I told him he couldn't have it.. I don't know how he got it.. probably mooched it off of a friend of mine.. I dunno which but I have no other explanation. but that's not my real dilemma. I like him and i have no problems being his friend but I don't wanna date him and that's what he wants. to me, dating is leading to marriage and he's of a different religion than me so I don't want to lead him on, since, I know already it won't work out. in the long run we'll only have headaches due to the difference in religion. but I don't know how to get him to leave me alone. I try just being nice and talking to him in a normal way.. I tell him about other guys I'm talking to... grrrr.. how do I let him down directly without hurting him too bad? he isn't getting the indirect hints.. I have to see him everyday for another month until our class is over. and I don't need more drama. when I say that I think dating leads to marriage.. I don't mean that if I date him we'll get married.. I just mean that I don't take dating as a game.. when you date someone you invest time and emotions in them.. and, yes, his religion would be important because it is a major part of my life.. and if he has a different direction, even if it's a religious one, it'll just end up hurting us both
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Wil Wil | 2 days ago
Hi Sweetie, Wonder how come a friend of your can give him your hp nos, I thot it should be confidential or at least he/she needs your permission to give away your nos. Let me make it clear, actually you kind of like him, but just becos of religion ya, so that make your mind unsteady. Well it good that you look into your future rather than commit to something and end up solving serious problem. No harm be a friend, if you do not wish to be dated by him, just tell him straight at the face, it rather to tell him now than later. Hurt it might be, but at least it clear you off, and for him, he dun have to waste his time going after an empty dream. Better to hurt now than later when he may get angry and say, "why didn't you told me in the first place." Then all hell break loose ya. You must be decisive in your love relationship, your basic instinct must ensure that you get the right one, and when the wrong one come along, in a polite way, we can tell him off once and for all. Set your limit in love, to what extend is friend, to what extend is classmate, to what extend is boyfriend. You may send a wrong signal to other and in the end, he may get upset, hurt and also may hate you. Wouldn't want such unneccesary enemity to happen. Simple, if you dun want him, who can force you to want him or someone that you dun want?? The drama is enact by you as both the actress and director, if you as the director said it the end, it will end as your order. Take care sweetie, envied someone is chasing you. Many girls still have no one chasing them. Enjoy it ya.
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Sandford Sandford
Your right it is disrespectful, although at the same time it shows a kind of resorcefullness and determination in getting it. You were /are that important where "breaking the rules" was an acceptable risk. You're view on dating is very admirable, but at the same time very restrictive, In my opinion (and it is only mine), as your view on religion. That would be the same as saying that one can not date someone, or become serious about someone because they volunteered for a diffrent cause than theirs. Aren't all religions for the same cause? Is it not our Creator who we must allign ourselves too and not the interpretations by others of his word. Religion is set by man, but only LOVE can be set by G-D. It could be that G-D does not want your thoughts and impressions of others interpretations of HIM to be limited. It could be that it is an opportunity not only for you to "see the light" from another's eyes, but for them to "see the light" from yours. This may not be only pertinent to this case, it may be more relative to another, or many others, but if your faith in G-D is strong, no thing whether it be another's religion, race, political affiliation (with some very obvious exceptions) should be able to shake that faith, or that foundation. You know what is best for you, but your Creator will always, always know better. If you still feel the same and he is not a terrible bother, simply tell him , when he comes around to asking you out (or whatever manner the whole topic of dating comes into fruition) tell him what you have told us. He will respect it, although he may still pursue you in a more sedated manner. The heart, at times, can not be denied by everyone. Have patience with his.
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Naphtali Naphtali
First, dating does not automatically lead to marriage. Second, seems this guy can't take no for an answer and he's one you should stay far far away from. If he can't take no now, he certainly won't if you keep trying to have a friendship with him.
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Kenyon Kenyon
you seriously won't date this guy because of religion and marriage. First off your dating him, not marring him. And second , who cares if he's a different religion. Just because you have your differences doesn't mean it can never work. You should at least give him a chance.
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Hosea Hosea
He probably found it in a phone book or online. If you go to yahoo or google and type your phone number in more than likely your name will pop up. They can do the same search with your name. There should be a link under your information that you can click so you can hide such information.
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