Is it okay to date a rich girl?

Is it okay to date a rich girl? Topic: What is a research question and why is it important to go to college
June 24, 2019 / By Aneta
Question: Hey, There is this good looking rich girl very interested in me. She comes from a very wealthy family and sees like she has a very good career ahead of herself. We hung out together and been on a few dates. The thing is though I am not rich. I am very good looking and well masculin which is probably one of the reasons why she is attracted to me. I am 20 years old and I am currently not in college. I work but I don't make a lot of money and I see how money seems to be on alot of people's mind well at least a lot of girls. She offered to even take care of me. She is a very smart and ambitious girl. She seems very energetic and fun which I love. Do you think it's akward to date a rich girl?
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Wilbur Wilbur | 4 days ago
Of course it's okay to date a rich girl. But, my question to you is how serious are you about this "rich" girl? If very serious and you both think something can develop from this relationship, then you must take into consideration her parents' view of you. They can make or break your relationship if they feel you to be inferior to her. Then you must ask, if they cut her off totally, will your love and desire be strong enough to sustain the basic lifestyle for which she is accustomed? Without citing any research, I know from experience (I'm 53) that money issues are key problems in many relationships and marriage. But when you go into relationships unequally yoked, both parties MUST have strong conscious of what's important to them. Have you asked yourself how her being with more money then you will eventually affect your manliness? It is a prime factor for some men, young and old. There's a lot going on here as many folks contemplate marriage at your age, and view a date is not simply a date but a means to find a lifetime partner. Lastly, do you really want someone to take care of you, or do you desire to be the MAN in the relationship? If nothing more, I hope it gives you something to think about in dating this or any other girl.
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She replaced into making out with ya all night, it is probable a honest indication that she's a minimum of somewaht fascinated. i could supply her a call, set up a pair dates, see how those pass, and then if all is going nicely, make it legitimate. She would desire to have been searching for a one night makeout pal, or maybe she somewhat likes you, basically time will tell, so like I reported, take her out, tutor her an excellent time, if she nevertheless looks to take excitement on your employer, then make it legitimate by utilising asking her out.

Sanford Sanford
rich girls need love too. and hey, if she picked you, then just go with it. don't worry about the money situation, it'll just get in the way.
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Nat Nat
deffianetly nothing wrong wiht that...my girlfriend's family is pretty rich and me...not so much...lol...shouldnt let the amound of money she or you has get in the way of you two
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Been there ... twice. Being a biological father (sperm contributor) takes only a few minutes. The *real* father is the one who's there when the kid needs a hug, or advice, or a little homework help. The guy who's around for 20 years and sitting at the head table at the wedding -- *that* is the father. The question is whether you're ready to try being a father as well as a boyfriend. Believe me, that parental role comes somewhat before the wedding. Can you handle *not* being the most important person in her life -- at least until the child is self-sufficient? Is your heart big enough for *two* new people? Can you spend half an hour playing peek-a-boo? Are you ready to handle the day when the baby develops a special smile just for *you*, and you realize that you're in too deep to get out without ripping your heart in three? I dated a girl with a 5-year old for a year and a half (okay, pedants, he was 6 when we split), and the break-up had nothing to do with her son. I followed that with a couple other girls, then a soon-to-be divorcee with three children, and finally married a woman with a daughter (whom I adopted). It's not for everyone -- but there are also distinct advantages to getting a family in a package deal.

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