Disable Unix Os case sensivity?

Disable Unix Os case sensivity? Topic: Are urls case sensitive
June 25, 2019 / By Anette
Question: I have just shifted my windows image hosting to unix image hosting. I use this for hosting images for my website. But the problem is that the images are not displayed due the case sensitive of unix platform. I have heard that one can disable the case sensitvity of unix but i don't know how to to that, does any one has done this if yes then please tell me too how to do it.
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Wiley Wiley | 6 days ago
You cannot disable case-sensitivity on the unix OS. It sounds like your webpages are referencing image files in the wrong case. You could run a dynamic URL changer for 404s. However, it's best to cleanup your filenames (move them to all lowercase and no spaces) and update your webpage references.
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Saxon Saxon
I think you mean you have a Unix server. I suppose you know enough about web servers that you can customize your 404 page. See if the link below helps you. But, basically, it takes python, php or javascript. The link takes you through a javascript example.
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