How to start out story?

How to start out story? Topic: How to write a story about yourself in third person
June 24, 2019 / By Angelina
Question: I already have an outline and I can see in myind what happens in chapter one, but I don't know how to write it down. Can you nicely help? Luca wakes up in a prison type institute place for people like him. They have superpowers bit a group of people were trying to capture them. Luca has telekinesis. He wakes up and meets a woman who works there that tells him stuff because his mind is foggy on how be got there. Later he tries to escape and crap, but I won't get into that. Also I don't know whether to wrote it in third or first person if you could give me examples of the story and the perspective id appreciate that. Thank you and please no rude comments or questions. Also please don't tell me to Google it because I tried.
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Will Will | 1 day ago
I think that writing it in first person would be great because even though it's the most common perspective used in novels these days, it's still a great way for the reader to feel connected to the characters and the story. You should also decide whether you want to write in present tense or in past sense. Because you have to know before you write otherwise things can get confusing. Writing in past tense, you would write things like "She walked. I said. I did." Although if you are going to writing in present tense, you would write things like "I say. I walk away. He looks at me strangely." And so on, so forth. I'll give an intro a bit of a go.. Let's so how this goes: All I saw when I opened my eyes was the faint, slivers of light seeping in through the barred windows of my room. Or at least, I assumed it was my room, however temporarily my stay was. My lashed dropped and plunged my vision back into the darkness. It took all of the strength I had gathered in my first few minutes of conciousness to keep them open, prying lower from top lashes and forcing them to remain wide, taking in what surrounds me. As my eyes scanned the room, or cell, as it rather deserved, there was a throbbing sensation in the back of my head. The cell was made entirely of bricks in different shades of grey, each will small holes rippled throughout. Throb, throb. The sunlight trying ever so desperately to shine beyond the clouds and past the thick, metal poles that wound from the bottom to the top of the window sill. The throbbing grew stronger. There was nothing inside except for the ratty old cot I woke on which was covered by an old sack for a blanket. The throbbing grew so strong it drove my head into my upraised hands that gripped my hair and threatened to yank out every strand until I reached the source of this ache. I'd only ever heard about places like these from the kids on the street. Although who knew how far away that street was now. These places were the kinds of things that you heard about from whispers but never actually saw. Places where kids got sent or dragged to when they were no longer able to be contained without receiving notice from the normals. The regulars. Where kids were sent when they were so confused they drove themselves mad. Kids who weren't normal. Kids like me. I traced my memory, trying to think back on how I got to a place like that. But all I found was cobwebs and dust. A misty fog that seemed to cover my memories. It was so thick and strong that no matter how hard I waved and blew trying to get it to clear, it never budged. Millions of questions were nagging at the back of my mind. How did I get here? Who brought me here? Why can't I remember? How long have I been here? Why am I here? How am I going to get out? I wasn't a danger to anyone. Honestly, what kind of damage could someone like me have done to anyone. My ability? Telekinesis. I guessed that there was always the possibility of me accidentally hitting someone over the head if they said something I didn't like, but what could cause me to resort to that? Questions, questions, questions. One stemming from the other as soon as it entered my mind. That's all I can think of right now. I'm sure there are tons of mistakes in there and there's probably a lot of things that could be written better but it's a start! An idea that I had while writing was that quite possibly you could go two ways with the details and structure of the cell. You could do it kind of like a prison cell - which is what I was going for in my introduction - meant for restraining the kids with the powers. Or you could give the kids with the powers a false sense of peace and comfort by making the institute like a posh hotel, only to have the main character being cautious and not trusting whatever the guards said. Being the odd one out and the only one prepared when something actually went wrong in their little slice of heaven. Ooh, and I just had another idea (coming back to edit this haha). You could pull something like Gayle Forman did in If I Stay and have the present - with him waking up in the cell, etc. - going on around him and then every night when he goes to sleep and tries to remember something or figure out a way to escape, a part of his memory is restored or you describe a flashback that describes himself or any other characters in the story. But when doing that kind of thing, you always have to make sure the flashbacks are relevant and not just thrown in to take up space and beef up your novel. I hope I helped and if you ever want any help I'd be glad to assist :)
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Will Originally Answered: I don't know how to start my story?
You start where all good stories start. With the introduction of a bad problem. A very bad problem. An insurmountable problem that your character can't possibly solve. But of course, she does. Visit my writing blog at http://www.WritingBooksIsEasy.com For my novel planning and marketing guide go to http://www.MakeMoneyWritingBooks.com

Scotty Scotty
I suppose the best advice I can give you is to make sure that your character's name matches her personality. This is extremely important. All parents know exactly what sort of people their offpspring will turn out to be, and they name them accordingly. Also, don't forget a middle names. If a character doesn't have a middle name then they simply won't work. You should also spend a lot of time describing your character's appearance and what they are wearing to school. The best way to do this is to have them check out their appearance in the mirror after they are woken up by a shouting parent at the beginning of the book, and then have to get ready for school. Don't worry about never having read any books, and definitely don't worry about basic English. All that's for suckers, not a creative genius like yourself. Anyone that tells you otherwise is a mean hater who deserves abuse. All you have do is scribble down your book and within a few weeks, you'll be a bestseller and rolling in money and everyone will think you're amazing.
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Nedabiah Nedabiah
First person, definitely, because you can describe how Luca is feeling about having telekinesis, and how he feels when he uses telekinesis. I imagine him to wake up looking at the ceiling, or maybe looking at a woman's face staring down at him, that would be the woman he meets (depending on what kind of power or personality she has she could be looking at him funny, turning her head in a weird way as she "scans" him). From there you could introduce the protagonist by getting the woman to ask questions, because if his memory is foggy then it would make sense. I always struggle to start stories and I'm writing one at the moment. Best advice I can give you: don't publish anything until EVERY chapter is completed, because I started my story with a short chapter, I know I wanted to make it longer, but I went back to it to edit it and it's longer than I wanted it to be. Good luck!
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Kevin Kevin
This could help you a lot. I recently wrote a post about turning your novel outline into a first draft. http://publastic.com/writing/how-to-write-a-first-draft-it-can-be-easier/ As for the perspective, that is something that depends on what you like. I prefer third person, so that’s what I write. But some of my favourite books are in first person. So it’s really what you think will work better and what you like writing.
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Hudde Hudde
first person would be really cool. You can describe in a lot of detail how he feels the energy slowly rushing in and out of his body. I dont know how to start it but good luck!
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Hudde Originally Answered: What do you think about the start of this story?
It has some merit and some problems. You set the mood nicely; I have an immediate sense of the narrator's state of mind. You are using sentence fragments here, however, not complete sentences. You can actually get away with a lot of things like this (to a limited degree) that your English teachers rightly told you never to do if it serves the rhythm or tempo of your story but they have to make sense. "Watching rain dribble down my window, tracing patterns with my finger" sounds as if the rain is tracing patterns with her finger and "Quiet music in the background, lost deep in thought" sounds as if the music is lost in deep thought. A gold locket might feel cool to the touch for about 15 seconds but it doesn't continue to seep coolness into the skin. "Cheeks slightly stiff from silent tears that have fallen" is just an awkward fragment. Attach a verb to it somehow. It is not necessary to state that you have copyrighted your writing and you cannot copyright the "idea" of a young girl feeling sad on the anniversary of her mother's death.

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