I really need ideas for short stories! i have the worst writers block?

I really need ideas for short stories! i have the worst writers block? Topic: How to write a news article about someone
July 19, 2019 / By Angeline
Question: Ive been trying to write a story for a while now but each time i do it and reread it, it sounds so bad. I really want to write a story with a twist but im not sure if what i have sounds right. My story goes like: Theres a woman who is a reporter. She wakes up in her apartment, and she's extremely tired from last night. She gets up and tries to put herself coffee but nearly spills it when the phone rings. The woman lets the phone go to answering machine and its her boss screaming at her to get to work because a major story has just come up. and tells her to immediately watch the news. The woman turns on the news and sees on all news channels that a serial killer who was just released from prison has gone back to his old ways and has already murdered a woman. There not sure of his whereabouts but they know its near where the woman lives and recommend anyone living there to lock their doors and stay inside. The woman misses this last sentence cause while she's watching the news she spills coffee all over herself and while cleaning she does not hear the news reporter. So she gets ready for work and is cursing her boss to make her go. The woman leaves the apartment and forgets to turn off the t.v. and just as she closes the door the news gets an update on the killer and they show a picture of him, he is tall, white and quite handsome and charming. The woman goes to the elevator and curses herself again for buying an apartment on the highest floor. she has to wait until the elevator goes down 24 floors. While the elevator goes down a teenager enters the elevator. The woman immediately distances herself from him because she hates teenagers. The teenager ignores her and goes to the back of the elevator and is playing on his ipod. Now the elevator goes down another floor and someone else enters the elevator. Its the killer but the woman does not know and so she starts conversing with him. She finds the man to be quite charming and handsome and accepts the invitation to go to his apartment and just hang out or something cause she doesn't want to go to work. While the killer and the woman are talking, the teenager switches to CNN and learns of the killer. He immediately glances at the man and realizes he is the serial killer. The teenager is scared out of mind and tries to remain as unnoticable as possible and shrinks to the back of the elevator. But then he remembers that the woman is going home with the killer and thinks of a way to tell her that he is the killer. First he tries tapping the woman but she ignores him and tells him to quote unquote f**k off quote unquote. So he begins to get desperate as the elevator is reaching the floor the serial killer and woman will get off on. He quickly rummages around in his backpack and grabs a posit it and quickly writes on it. As the woman and killer are leaving he slaps the post it on the womans arm and she pulls away. A scuffle is followed afterwards as the woman pushes the teenager back and curses him out. Then after it is over the woman straighten herself out and both the killer and her walk to his apartment. He opens the door for her and she enters smiling. They both begin talking about how snobbish and bratty teenagers are and then the woman grabs the post it off her arm and reads it. idk what to write for what it says in the post it.i want it to be short and sweet. Should it just say "DID YOU WATCH THE NEWS THIS MORNING?" SO the woman pulls out her phone goes to CNN and sees the picture of the killer and realizes that the man is the killer. Thats when the lock inside the door clicks and the story ends. that's the idea of the story but i tried putting it into words but it really doesnt sound right..i really need help, maybe if someone could just write the beginning paragraph i could really shoot off and write the story. It would be a great help.
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Best Answers: I really need ideas for short stories! i have the worst writers block?

Willard Willard | 2 days ago
rather than give ideas for stories here's some tips for dealing w/ writers block. Some tips for dealing with writer's block: - Take a break from what you're doing and put it out of your mind. Staring at the computer screen or piece of paper doesn't help at all. - Walk outside, and go on streets you normally wouldn't if possible. Exercise helps to clear mind and even give some perspective especially if its outside. - You need to not worry about failing, and realize most people aren't very original in their writings. - Get the main ideas down before touching it up. Writer's block often times is a result of feeling overwhelmed by the task. Its fine if your article or story isn't good because you can alter it later on to make it better. This is a short guide to overcoming writer's block: http://hubpages.com/_2tro9f12g7pwe/hub/Short-Guide-to-Overcoming-Writers-Block
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Willard Originally Answered: HELP! I need story ideas. writers block?
If you want to write but you're stuck on looking for a plot, farming ideas from others might not be the best way to go...because it's hard to just GIVE someone an idea for a story. What I would tell you to do is read...dive into the library, sections you've never been in before, and go through them book by book. One may just end up standing out, making you think, "I'd LOVE to write a story like this!" Or. "I have a sort of different take on this, here's how I see it." In the mean time, to start boning up your writing skills, take some ordinary part of your day and try to make a story out of that, just a page or so. Try to make a drama out of eating an orange, or shopping for groceries, or anything else that you don't normally think about much.

Seamour Seamour
1. If she is in a hurry for work, why does she agree to go to the mans room? 2. wouldn't it be rude to get on your phone while at a guests apartment? 3. why would the woman feel flirty and conversational if she's in a bad mood? 4. If she works for the news, her boss should have known about the killer and warned her to stay where she was. the post-it note should read "The man will kill you"
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Ned Ned
Um, well, you haven't given the reporter lady a name, so let's call her Maxey, because that's my name. RING, RING. Maxey jumped as the demonic ring of her telephone filled her ears. The old Winnie the Pooh mug she was holding shook and splashed a little of her oh-so-precious coffee onto the kitchen surface. She cursed and carried the remaining coffee carefully into the living room, where she sat it down on the table and sank into her comfy chair in the corner. "It's too early to deal with a phone call. If it's important, they'll try again later..." she murmured to herself... That's all I'm doing, do the rest yourself.
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Kevyn Kevyn
That reads like an outline, not a story. Write the story. When you get to the end, you'll know how to end it. That looks like it'll come in at around 4,000 words. Go for it.
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Kevyn Originally Answered: I am wanting to write a book but i get bad writers block any ideas?
well my first tip is write a profile about all your characters get to know them learn every thing about them from their family to their favorite color then it will flow right out and you'll be able to keep writing

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