Break in and SSN, ID and Birth Certificate stolen?

Break in and SSN, ID and Birth Certificate stolen? Topic: How to write a certificate of work
July 19, 2019 / By Angelique
Question: I went visit my family over the last 2 weeks, when I returned home I found that someone found the spare key we hid and entered our home, stealing the lock box (by ripping the bolts out the very floor!) that had all my important identification documents in it including my SSN card, birth certificate and wallet which held my ID (I forgot my wallet in there before leaving, it was all one huge rush at the time). I had no active credit or debit cards in there, thank goodness, but now, after reporting the theft to the cops, what's next? I need to get a new ID, SSN card and birth certificate, but how can I prove my identity if all my identifying documents have been stolen?!? I don't know what the next step is to get replacements of those documents and I can't use my SSN to have them pull up the records because I don't remember my SSN, I never could! How can I get replacements for my documents if ALL of them were stolen? Would bringing bills and the such work as some proof of ID? I live in Louisiana What would be the phone numbers or the best way to contact the credit bureaus?
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William William | 3 days ago
Notify all 3 credit bureaus that your are the victim of identity theft. If you don't know your social get it off of your tax return. Since you didn't bother to tell us where you live the answers i can give you are limited. The DMV has your picture on file. That will be how you identify yourself. You can write to the state of your birth and get a new birth certificate.
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Sean Sean
You filed a police report so you will be covered later if something further happens. If you have any current cards call them and possibly fax them the report. No social means that you can't do anything in regard to reporting to credit agencies at this point. You could go to a current or past job as they should social on file. Tax return, leasing agreement and such will have it. I suppose at some point your parents claimed you on taxes. Now the birth certificate can be obtained at a courthouse or on line. The problem is that is just not enough. To get a new ID you (give it a try though) need ID. To get a new social security card you have to have ID and a birth certificate. It becomes a round and round sort of thing. I went through this and was banging my head about how to sort it out. I obtained my birth certificate and knew my social and it was still a problem. What I did was get a passport. I figured out that with enough "pocket clutter" and a relative filling out a form certifying that you are who you are you may get one. With that uber ID all was fine. If you hit a wall check the State Dept. site for passports.
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Neely Neely
One, purchase A Handgun of Somesort. 2, Get Your Dad Or family individuals member to guard The doorways At night. 3, Shoot WHoever attempts To scouse borrow something. 4, Im particular in case you call The Police they're going to help, Eh? Theyre not All That ineffective, The Police interior the States those days Are Corrupted by utilising Bush's Political Stupidity. :) Bye!
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Kian Kian
Here is a couple of Web Sites to help you out: http://www.myidfix.com/stolen-lost-birth... http://www.in.gov/bmv/3470.htm I hope this helps.
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Kian Originally Answered: My daughters Birth Certificate.help?
Take the crib card to city hall or social security office and tell them there is an error on her birth certificate and you would like to change it they more than likely as for proof that you are her mother so bring that alone too

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