Why are lobotomies illegal?

Why are lobotomies illegal? Topic: New american writing awards
July 19, 2019 / By Angelle
Question: Basically i have this friend and i think the only thing that will help her at this point is to undergo a transorbital lobotomy. I know these are techinically illegal but i STRONGLY believe she could use this! i have done DAYS worth of research on this procedure so i know everything there is to know, i am not just going off of a whim here. My friend's future could seriously be changed if I could find someone to do this on her. I will do ANYTHING to ensure she gets this procedure. What can I do to get her this procedure, short of doing it myself?? Well OBVIOUSLY i am not going to go against my friend's wishes and do this behind her or her family's back! I would never commit such a crime! I just need to know if there are any legitimate doctors who will perform this life saving procedure on my friend. I am a smart girl and the days of research i have done have proven to me once and for all that this is something she needs!
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Willis Willis | 5 days ago
Rosemary Kennedy, sister of President John F. Kennedy, underwent a lobotomy in 1941 at age 23 which left her permanently incapacitated. Howard Dully wrote a memoir of his late-life discovery that he had been lobotomized in 1960 at age 12. New Zealand author and poet Janet Frame received a literary award in 1951 the day before a scheduled lobotomy was to take place, and it was never performed. Josef Hassid, a famous Polish violinist and composer, was diagnosed with schizophrenia and died at the age of 26 following a lobotomy. Swedish modernist painter Sigrid Hjertén died following a lobotomy in 1948. American Playwright Tennessee Williams' older sister Rose received a lobotomy which left her incapacitated for life; the episode is said to have inspired characters and motifs in certain of his works. These were performed by professional doctors who have trained for years and know the anatomy of the human body, they did not study for DAYS. If you tell me the condition she has and why that is the only method that would work, maybe I can find some alternatives.
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Sefton Sefton
Firstable, you are not qualify to make that diagnosis. Are you a psychologist? If you do this or find someone else to do it, you will be liable in a lawsuit from your friend and/or her family and also prosecution, you can go to jail. I would strongly recommend you butt out of it. Lobotomy is illegal because medical advances made that procedure obsolete. How about you undergoing open heart surgery without anesthesia? There are good reason why it's outlaw.
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Neil Neil
Your not a doctor and doing days of research doesn't make you an expert. Even doctors with a Ph.D shy away from lobotomies. They are irreversible and have MAJOR side effects (duh your removing parts of someone's brain). The effects can be unpredictable, so idk where you get off saying she NEEDS it. You don't know everything and in reality she most likely doesn't need it. And she probably doesn't need a friend who wants to cut a part of her brain out.
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