I feel I need to make my chapter longer becuse I want to write a novel - not a novella! can you help?

I feel I need to make my chapter longer becuse I want to write a novel - not a novella! can you help? Topic: How to write a novel description
July 19, 2019 / By Angie
Question: well i think I said everything in the question. I want to write a novel but i feel the story is moving WAY to fast. how can I drag it out whislt keeping the story interesting and not by adding other things (I already have a few counter plots and I dont want tit to become confuing) so please help, any tips or ideas are welcome.
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Best Answers: I feel I need to make my chapter longer becuse I want to write a novel - not a novella! can you help?

Willy Willy | 7 days ago
Besides adding more detail in description, you can try developing your characters and their relationships more.
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Selah Selah
add a bit more detail to create suspense. don't add detail for the sake of length because you will make it boring and strung out. you don't want to end up with an ok novel when you could have had an excellent novella. so try to add suspense by drawing the bits before the most exciting events out.
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Nekoda Nekoda
I would add more details about the different plots. Such as how things taste, look like, feel. Get the reader into the book, make it so they feel like they are there, so they can picture whats going on.
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