I feel lonely all the time and i cut myself to cope with the loneliness and depression. help?

I feel lonely all the time and i cut myself to cope with the loneliness and depression. help? Topic: Creative writing activities for groups
June 24, 2019 / By Anima
Question: My old boyfriend (i cant bear to call him my ex) left in august of last year because of his dad, and my great grandmother passed years ago, but it still haunts me to know that i could have said goodbye, but i chose not to. my grandma has breast cancer, and my dad has multiple health problems. I have progressively worsening asthma, which makes it really hard for me to be able to play basketball. my friends dont help any, they just say oh, that sucks or im sorry. anyone help??
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Wilmer Wilmer | 8 days ago
I can only assume by your post that you live with your mother or is it both parents? I would suggest that you try talking to her/them, tell them how you feel, and if you are comfortable, about the cutting. Ask them to help you. It is difficult to lose someone you love, and it seems like you have alot to deal with right now. It is important that you get the help you need now, before things get worse. There are things you can do to help with the depression, such as seeing a counselor or taking medication, but quitting the cutting is all up to you. I know from experience that cutting is addicting, and that it helps relieve pain, although temporary at best, however, there are such better ways of coping with your problems that don't leave scars. Below I am going to list a few that I used to stop cutting or resist cutting when the urges were strong, it is hard work, but you can get through this... it is just a matter of you realizing that you don't need to hurt yourself anymore. 1.) Get rid of the blades, or whatever else you would cut with. Give them to a friend or someone you trust. I gave mine to a friend who was home for thanksgiving break on the day he flew back home 2.) Find someone you are comfortable talking to when you have the urges. A friend, parent, relative, or someone else may do the trick. If it really gets bad, call your counselor and talk to him/her about it. If you want to talk to someone who you will never see again, their are some really good chat rooms online that you can easily access. Try www.walkers.org (although the normal chat is down at the moment there is a temporary one up.) 3.) Go running or do other exercise... it releases the same "feel good" chemicals (endorphins) that cutting does, same with chocolate! 4.) Hang out with friends and do other social activities. I am not one for groups of people, but when it is 2 or 3 friends, I am much more relaxed. 5.) Be creative, color, drawl, bake, play music, dance, write poetry or a short story. Do anything to get cutting off your mind. 6.) Write in a journal, maybe record what made you want to cut, or just write whatever is on your mind... do a stream of consciousness if you are unsure of what to write... it doesn't need to make sense to anyone but you. 7.) With other people, it helps to look at the pain that others have put themselves through. Although I don't really recommend it unless you are "safe" and stable, you can google pictures of people that have cut, see their scars, and read their stories. If you ever want to talk, email me at [email protected] ... some of the links I am adding below are other "ideas" that people have when they feel like cutting, some work, others are a waste of time...The last one is a video that you may, or may not want to watch Take Care
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Wilmer Originally Answered: I feel lonely all the time. help?
It's really hard, and you're not alone. I feel the same way, I have a really hard time relating to people. I have lots of aquaintances and collegues I get along with at work but no true friends that I can lean on or ask for advice. Ever since I left the military a few yrs ago it's been hard connecting and depending on people. It's also hard to reach out to people sometimes because to don't want to look desperate but it's always nice to have someone to talk to. My only advice is to try and reach out and join clubs or something because I haven't quite figured out what to do either. But you're not alone in the way you feel and you're not a loser or anything, good friends are so hard to find!

Selby Selby
Hi there!Sorry for all of the losses.I must clear one thing right now.You're never alone.GOD is always with you.I used to cut myself.Cutting is it's own world.That kind of world is full of corruption.It has no beautiful results.Cutting leads to another thing and another thing and another.It also hurts more people than you.Your family,your friends.And it's a habit that can't be kept!The world can be a lonely place though but you are never alone.I would suggest that you pray to GOD.Maybe you could listen to music,constructive music.Express your feelings in art or something.That is an constructive way to expres your feelings and it doesn't destroy your skin and body.You could get involved in community services.You could read the BIBLE.You could start to try and play a musical instrument.You could go to church.You could write songs or poems,again,it's constructive.You could exercise.All of those are constructive things to do with your life and self.But promise me that when you go and make friends,which I know you will,please don't get involved with the wrong crowd.I hope that I helped.So GOD BLESS you!
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Nelson Nelson
Probably a mixture of things are causing the depression. Regret about not saying goodbye, in which case you need to release yourself from that guilt or blame you put on yourself. Your relative/bf would probably hate to think you are spending the rest of your life punishing yourself, and you need to let go and try to be happy like they would want you to. You are probably a bit bitter and angry about you and your dad's health problems, and bitterness can eat away at you and hold you back from seeing anything good in life. You could watch some vids of inspiring people who go through health problems and still find good things in life to get them through. Michael J Fox is a good example and there are vids of interviews with him on Youtube.
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Killian Killian
im sorry to here about you grandma and boyfriend i know how it is when you cut your self and it feel like no one cares, i think they do really but they just dont no what to do or say, they are just worried about you. if it helps i used to self harm and just before my nan died i had a masive arguement with her and saddly the last thing i sed to her was 'i hate you'. just hold in there. people do care they are probably new to this kinda situation. things can only get better. trust me !x! and try to resist the temtation to cut yourself even thought it may seem it the only thing that can help it will only make things worse, good luck x.
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Hughe Hughe
i think people dont know what to say in those kinds of situations. i think you just have to tell your friends how you feel and dont do anything silly because you will regret it
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Hughe Originally Answered: How to cope with loneliness,over protective parent,stuck at home and exam stress?
maybe you could ask the school counselor to talk to your mom? or try writing a letter to your mom about the issues if talking might not work

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