Big big guy problem! PLEASE HELP?

Big big guy problem! PLEASE HELP? Topic: How to write a yearbook message
June 25, 2019 / By Anita
Question: ok so theres this guy at my school that i really like and all my friends say that he likes me back but i dont know if he does. anyways next week were getting our yearbooks signed and i want to write in his yearbook that i really like him and i want to go out with him. can you please give me specific details on what to write cuz i really want to make this sound good and not sound to corny or cheesey!! plese give very specific details...nothing to broad...
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Wilson Wilson | 10 days ago
Just tell him that the school year is ending and you dont want it to end without letting him know how you feel about him. And say that you have noticed him for a long time and you would like the opportunity to get to know him even better, and leave your numbers or your addy next to the message.
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September September
Just be yourself. If you write in his yearbook what someone else 'writes' for you, he will know it is fake, especially if he really likes you. Don't mess up a good opportunity just because you are afraid to be corny or cheesy....(you never know that might be a part of you that he likes. )
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Nethaneel Nethaneel
Just write, "Thank you for being a real nice guy to me! I hope you will call me sometime, 555-5555.
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Kimball Kimball
"I think you are really good looking and I really like you. Do you want to hang out sometime? Call me 555-555-5555."
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Hugo Hugo
Just write something like...I hope we can stay in touch this summer and maybe hang out.Give him your number too...good luck! ;)
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Ern Ern
Name Saw ya, liked ya, got to know ya, never blew ya. Maybe you'll give me a call Name, ph # That's all
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Colt Colt
ok, ill try..id prolly write: Hey Dawg, what up? Hope you have a awesome summer! We had some pretty cool times this year! Call me if you want to chat or somethin' (you #) Hit me back, just to chat! Love ya, (your name)
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