What should I do, I want to make the right strategic choice with this girl?

What should I do, I want to make the right strategic choice with this girl? Topic: New girl the sister
July 19, 2019 / By Anitra
Question: Today is New Years. I started to grow feelings for this girl, the problem is she goes to a private school whereas I'm in a public one. I had her in my 3rd grade class, but don't remember much connections. (We are in 9th grade now). She ignited the fire because we have a Hood if you will, where most teen's hangout. We both walked past each other but she made extended eye contact and was laughing. It seemed to me she was not making fun of me because she was with her step-sister who is one year younger than her. I'm guessing she probably has heard stuff about me because I've done tons of crazy stuff. Another obstacle is I've never officially held a conversation with her. I think she is pretty hot and most people do too, the problem is she is a cheerleader, and might be a guy magnet at her private school. Hence today is New Years, I was going to try to get her number from a friend and start texting her or so. Strategically I want to come out alive and unbroken so give the best advice possible. Is it worth trying? Should I give up? Thanks, J More answers please!!
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Wilton Wilton | 1 day ago
You should totally go for it. A new year equals new chances and new risks to be taken. Of course, theres always a chance that she'll reject you, but theres also a possiblity that she likes you too and is just waiting on you to make the first move. And if you dont ask, youll always wonder "what if". So its better to know than to always wonder. Go for it
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Seth Seth
I'm in 9th grade and I'm in a similar situation, accept the girl I like is in the same school as me. Lots of guys like this girl as well but she has rejected them all. I'm just biding my time, waiting for when I think is the best moment. My advice is to befriend her first and wait until you think it's the right time. Good luck mate :)
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Nethaniah Nethaniah
Something to consider. There is only "The Now" Yesterday's gone and tomorrow never comes. If you don't try..,it's already a No! The only thing you have to lose is maybe a little pride. Wait? Bull$hit! He who hesitates is lost! d;o)
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Kimbel Kimbel
High school, and a freshman? Lol. I remember when I was in your position. Wait till your Junior year. EVERYONE changes. Just wait. If you wait more, girls find it "sexy and mysterious" in you. And find that urge that you can wait. They'll want you. I'm telling you, the key is to WAIT. Let love look for you, don't look for it.
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