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July 18, 2019 / By Annabelinda
Question: Do you like these outfits and if you doo which is your fav? http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/browse.sets?...
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Winfrid Winfrid | 5 days ago
i guess it depends on where you would be wearing the outfits... but my favorite is the purple moon one. but my favorite shoes are the ones from the casual outfit. i don't like the kiss outfit at all.
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Winfrid Originally Answered: How can i make better outfits?
I looked at some of your clothes and I am going to try my best here to help you out, (its kinda hard since I cant physically show you and all) Okay heres what I think: Look #1: In your long sleeve section the top left grey sweater with the white arm band paired with jeans on the far right and either one of your converses or flats with light natural makeup and wavy/curly hair makes a very laid back yet stylish preppy collegiate look Look #2: In the long sleeve section the top two right hand side sweaters (the blue checked one and the green one) both work with dark skinny jeans (I couldn't tell if yours were skinny or not in the photo if not you should invest in some) with flats or heels and some kind of braided hair or messy updo for a look like the lauren conrad one at the far right of this pic. http://images.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h... Look #3: For a very casual look pair any of your tees with the bottom pair of jeans and converses but to still make it pretty spend some time curling your hair or putting on some light makeup Overall I would say just to mix and match things so that it doesnt look like you are wearing the same think all the time that is what I do and I would say that the next time you go to buy clothes try to look for things that are different than what you already own, because you have a lot of very similar sweaters and t-shirts so have fun with it and branch out a little bit with your colors and patterns! Hope that helped that was a lot of writing I know sorry lol
Winfrid Originally Answered: How can i make better outfits?
I found that adding a few things to my wardrobe made it a lot more interesting. For one, I added lace camis. I put them under most everything, especially good basic tops from places like Old Navy. Pair that with some jeans and flats and you've got a cute outfit. Also, find some cute jewelry. Go to Charlotte Russe, Wet Seal, etc. and pick out some beaded pieces and cute earrings. You can wear basic outfits but dress up the accessories and make it interesting. I also like doing a pop of color in my outfits.

Shallum Shallum
I love them! My favorite is the casual one with the skinny pants and the blue jacket...the shoes are super cute!
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Neville Neville
it really depends on where you are going..but in general i like the blue with the pants best..the jacket is ADORABLE..
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Neville Originally Answered: Outfits starting with M?
MC Hammer- This famous American rapper originated from the late 1980s and mid 1990s. MC Hammers trademark outfit is either a black shell-suit or baggy trousers and shirt, with black round-rim glasses. Macbeth- Macbeth was born in between 1603 and 1606 and was created by the famous William Shakespeare. The Play and novel was based in 1005-1057. Macbeth Became King of Scotland in 1040 taking over King Duncan the 1st. Male medieval Costumes would be suitable for this character. Mad Hatter- Popular Children's Character in the 'Alice in Wonderland' stories. The signature costume for the Mad Hatter is a tail or frock coat, checked waistcoat and trousers and large top hat (with a white 10/6' label tucked inside the red band which is wrapped around the hat). Madame Pampadour- Mistress of Louis XV of France and fashion icon of the eighteenth century, she introduced elegance and luxury style of clothing to this century. Georgian costumes would be suitable. Madonna- This famous Pop-star rose to fame in the 1980s and is still popular today, throughout these years Madonna's style of fashion has changed, Starting with the 80's look such as: * black or white netted tops and skirts, * footless tights, * crop tops, * laced tops, * crucifix or beads Moving on in the years started the famous conical basques with fishnet tights then changing to a more elegant style with evening 1940s style gowns. The white cowgirl and S&M fencing instructor fashion of Madonna's is more recent and can be found in films such as James Bond and music videos. Moving into 2008 and Madonna has adapted her S&M fencing instructor look in her recent album 'Hard Candy' which is simply tight leggings with boots and various strappy tops. For all the brave ladies out there, you could always wear a high legged leotard! Personally, if I turned up to a party wearing just a leotard, the place would empty before you could say 'Madonna'!!! Mae West- Suitable costumes for Mae West could be Saloon Girls or 1940s elegant evening gowns. She is known for her trademark films as a sexy seductress and double-entendres. Mafia Man/Woman- (Gangsters) Suitable clothing for these characters could be pinstriped suit for the man and for the woman but with a pencil skirt both these outfits could have a Trilby hat, cigar/cigarette and Tommy gun to accessorise it. Magda- Featured in the James Bond film 'Octopussy', Magda was the ring mistress in Octupussy's circus. All you need is a black top hat, and a glitter tailcoat with a leotard and fishnet tights. Magenta- Magenta is the maid in the Rocky Horror Picture Show and her costume was simply a black dress with a white apron and headdress. A French maid costume will be suitable for this character. Magenta's hair is red or ginger and frizzy looking, she also has dark eye make-up with a pale face. There is an official wig and costume that is available to buy (see picture). Magician- A magician can have the modern look which would consist of: * Tailcoat * Top Hat * Bow tie * Waistcoat * White gloves * White rabbit * Playing cards * Hankies tied together * A bunch of plastic flowers For the more medieval look, a simple pointed hat and cloak would be ideal. A magician could also be coupled up with either a magician's assistant who can wear a leotard and tights or a white rabbit. Magistrate-A black long cloak (a teachers gown), Peri-wig and gavel would be ideal for this character. A magistrate appeared in Kenneth Grahame's story 'Toad of Toad Hall' and there are magistrate characters in the 1999 film, Sleepy Hollow starring Johnny Depp. Abel Magwitch ("The Convict")- A Convict from 'Great Expectations' a novel written by Charles Dickens. A classic black and white striped convict costume with ball and chain could work. Maharajah- Red and gold colours was a meaning of wealth, so any clothing or accessories like this would be ideal for this character. Also elegant and wealthy Indian outfits would have worn large ornate turbans. Lots of jewellery was worn round the neck and on the fingers. Mahatma Gandhi- (1869-1948) To make this costume up you could use round wired glasses with a staff (easily made by a long branch or walking stick) and a loincloth for a more cheaper option, a bed sheet might be suitable. (open the source link for much more +++++)

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