Will the politicians still laugh at us after this?

Will the politicians still laugh at us after this? Topic: Non-profit youth organization business plan
June 24, 2019 / By Annalee
Question: This is going to be an awesome event. The White House will not be able to ignore the citizens any longer! MINUTEMAN CIVIL DEFENSE CORPS PROUDLY ANNOUNCES OUR FULL SUPPORT AND PARTICIPATION IN THE MARCH FOR AMERICA WASHINGTON D.C. JUNE 14 - 16, 2007 PLEASE JOIN CHRIS SIMCOX AND DOZENS OF OTHER BORDER SECURITY ORGANIZATIONS AS WE SEND CONGRESS A STRONG MESSAGE -NO AMNESTY-ENFORCE THE LAWS- AND SECURE OUR BORDERS! The Citizens of the United States of America know and accept that securing and protecting of our Nations borders is the first and most necessary step needed to be taken before true healing of our Nation can begin. The Citizens of the United States of America will no longer be silenced nor tolerate being ignored in our urgent requests to secure and protect our Nations borders now! Official Dates and Times: Nation Capital (D.C.) June 14,15, 16th, 2007 State Capitals: June 16th, 2007 (See "State Coverage" for contact information and details about official State Organizers as well as events planned for the June 16th, 2007 in those participating States) D.C. and U.S.A. Events Calendar June 14th (D.C)- "Flag Day" A day of honoring American citizens who have died due to illegal aliens on American soil. In their honor, F.I.R.E. Coalition will be hosting "Operation Body Count". In addition will be a remembrance and a moment of silence to honor the fallen patriots who have died defending our country, its flag and Constitution. June 15th (D.C.)- "All American Day" Presentations and protest on topics which affect our Nation. Such topics planned are in regards to: The NAU/SPP/TTC, Drug Cartels & other "Open Border" threats, and their effect and danger in our cities and to our youth. June 16th (U.S.A)- "Secure Borders March for America National Rally". Key speakers will lend their voices across our Nation to speak for the citizens of the United States of America. Americans in D.C. and in participating states will march in unison to their Capitals throughout our nation to present to our Government the foundation upon which this country was founded, "The U.S. Constitution", to remind our Government of where their loyalties should lie. East Coast 1pm - 6pm EST Central 12pm - 5pm CST Mountain 11am - 4pm MST West Coast 10am - 3pm PST We need all patriots to stand in unison for one day and to stand up for their country. Please consider getting involved as: An individual participant A pro bono speaker, and/or One of our project advocates One of our donation sponsors If your schedule does not allow you to participate, please circulate this information to others who might be interested in this event. Contact and Media Relations Director Melissa Gardner Let Freedom Ring America (Non-Profit Org.) www.lframerica.com Business email: [email protected] Director email: [email protected] Business Phone: 281-354-4346 (CST) Director Phone: 916-339-3167 (PST) Take America Back Rally June 14, 15, 16 http://www.lframerica.com/
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Wolf Wolf | 10 days ago
John, It will be a nice show of principles. Unfortunately, these activities do not necessarily move a Congressperson a half an inch on a one-mile walk. This immigration deal is required because of benign neglect - the Government let it happen in order to keep the economy hustling along. Both parties are complicit. BUT, it is out of hand and strong measures must be taken. I don't have the answer but at least this plan on the table now has something that everybody hates - and that's a good sign. I hope that something happens - and not just window dressing either.
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Shannen Shannen
Sounds like the Million Man March in reverse. Unless you plan to execute a few CEOs this event will have no effect on 'illegal' immigration. I'll be curious to see if more than 5,000 people even show up.
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Nicholas Nicholas
Politicians are like a bunch of Bananas, they are all yellow, they all hang together and there is not a straight one in the bunch. Wee Man.
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