Is this girl engaged?

Is this girl engaged? Topic: How to propose a business plan
July 18, 2019 / By Annamae
Question: they live together have a 2 yr old. one day she says "i want to get married one day so i need to know what's going to happen with us" (not exact words but you get the idea) then he said "i want to marry you". now she's telling people she's engaged and went shopping alone for a ring and put it on lay away. and is planning her wedding. but are they engaged? me and my husband talked about marriage the month we met but weren't engaged until months later when he bought the ring and proposed. lol it is none of my business but i have to hear her talking non stop about her wedding and i love weddings so much and im happy to listen but its worring me that she's planning a wedding he doesnt want. ella: your right its not the ring its the words. my parents got engaged without a ring and they are so in love and still so happy 30 yrs later. i think she deserves that at least.
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Wolfe Wolfe | 1 day ago
i dont think there "oficially" engaged. Because to be engaged it requires the groom (guy) to buy the ring and propose. and obviously he hasnt done that yet. He is maybe planning on asking her to marry him, but he hasnt yet. in my opinion, she shouldnt go through all this trobble now because shes not engaged yet. How hard of a heartache would that be if they didnt get married :/ so, in my opinion they arent engaged yet! but hopefully they do get soon! :D
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You can not honestly say that " The marriage wont work " you do not know that the only people that know are the two that have commited themselves to be married and they think it will Just because it appears to every one that they are opposites do you think they have not talked about that in their quite times ? How would you like someone meddlin in your love life ? They know .. and have accepted each other enough to wish to marry .. My best advice to you would be to butt out .. My guess is your his sister .. and really it will look very bad for you IF you confront either of them with your " accusation " and it might even drive them closer together .. then again it "could " tear them apart and guess who will wear it ... YOU You will be called everything from Jealous to Mose's donkey ... Think first before you attempt to interrupt your brothers relationship ... would it not be better to be there for him in case he needs you ? Let nature and love take its course

Shannon Shannon
I think things tend to be different when you already live together and already have a child. Maybe she handles the finances and she is in charge of the ring. If you are a friend...you should happily listen. As I am sure she listened when you were planning your wedding. She will find out in time whether he meant it or not...and as I learned recently...sometimes its better to just shut your mouth and let them talk =)
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Nick Nick
My husband and I talked about marriage after just one month of dating... the next week we decided we would just go ahead and do it, so that weekend my friend and I went shopping for a dress (at Ross, cause it was a Clerk of Courts Wedding). Sunday night he suprised me with the ring (I didn't expect it, and it was HUGE!) Monday we got the Marriage License and Thursday we were able to get married... It really depends on what the guy is like... My two previous boyfriend each "asked me to marry them" when they were drunk. Being tipsy myself, on both occasions, I said yes, but later pushed it aside, recognizing it was moments of drunken stupidity... I just hope he knows what he got himself into, and that he wasn't just giving the answer she wanted to hear, just to shut her up, otherwise there is going to be hell to pay for when they each find out what the other is really planning (or not planning, in his case) I suggest you just play along, and steer clear when (if?) the atomic bomb goes off ;-)
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Kodey Kodey
I think that's something they'd have to talk about to figure out. I'd say no since he just said he wanted to marry her, he didn't actually ask her to marry him. Besides, who would want an ambiguous proposal like that? It should at least be memorable, IMO. But, yeah, maybe she knows him well and he's lazy and that was his way of proposing. I guess one would have to know the couple better to decide, but I'd lean towards no.
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Ignatius Ignatius
I am not sure. My fiance and i talked about getting married months before he proposed. But then again, they have a kid togther, so maybe that was his proposal. I do feel bad for her though that her fiance is so unromantic as to have her pick out her own engagement ring instead of getting it for her.
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