How can I get high distinctions in university?

How can I get high distinctions in university? Topic: Do my accounting homework for me
July 18, 2019 / By Annamay
Question: I am studying Bachelor of Accounting Science and i am majoring in financial accounting, i got my test 1 results and i did average and i have never been average when it comes to school stuff, my other results for my modules for test 1 were good but this financial accounting mark has got me down and i feel like I need to do better, i need to do excellent in my major. Its not like I didn t study, i really did and the result i got didn t seem like the ones of somebody who studied.
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Woody Woody | 3 days ago
No matter how much you study accounting, you learn it only by doing it, not by reading about it. And that takes time, usually more than any other course you are taking. Did the test problems seem similar to homework problems? I suggest a minimum of three hours accounting study time for every hour of class time. Avoid memorizing but instead try to grasp the meaning. For example, many students try to memorize how to record transactions without understanding why they are recorded as they are. Journalizing transactions is a simple matter of deciding what took place in an exchange. You record what you received and you record what you gave up. It makes no sense to try to memorize journal entries. The idea is to analyze what was exchanged. You received or gave up assets and you use the debit and credit rules to record that. You incurred a liability (gave a promise to pay later) or you got your promise back because you discharged the liability. Again a credit or debit. Similarly with capital. You issued stock for cash so you received cash (a debit) and record a credit in owners’ equity representing the owner’s interest in the business assets. Or bought back stock giving up cash (a credit) and reducing the owner’s interest in the business (a debit in a capital account). You increase capital (credit revenue) by providing a service or product. You decreases capital (debit an expense) by using up assets or services. As long as you understand what was exchanged, you can decide what to debit and credit. As you gain this depth of understanding you will find that your grades will improve.
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Shaul Shaul
Work hard; get feedback from your lecturers; read around the subject, not just the set texts; focus on those areas where you could most easily improve your marks; share best ideas with others on your course; work on your written English too - it's quite poor in this post.
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Nicky Nicky
well first of all, you can talk to the professor in private, ask him/her the areas of your mistakes and where you should improve. or find it out yourself. then start working on it. have a proper schedule and think which way you effectively study. you have to study a bit more dan you did in school. best of luck
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