Current Issues Project topic of choice?

Current Issues Project topic of choice? Topic: Case issues
July 18, 2019 / By Annelisa
Question: In my current issues class we have to do a project on topic of choice. Some people are doing political scandals, eating disorders in the modeling world, are the paparazzi going to far...stuff like that i want to do something more on the social side of it verses the political. Does anyone have any ideas?
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Wyatt Wyatt | 5 days ago
Certainly one of the big current issues is adolescent bullying - both physical and online. The most notorious (recent) case involved an Irish immigrant schoolgirl in Massachusetts, but this extremely anti-social, insidious, and toxic behavior is prevalent all over. It's a real social/societal problem that needs urgent attention.
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There are a vast array of issues in medicine...you can search for more info on them for your essay. Hear are just a few thoughts.... Health care coverage, (narrow scope to fit length of paper this could be a long one if you include everything) Potential approaching physician shortage HPV vaccine illegal immigrant health care These are just a few but definitely a paper could be done on each. do some research, find something that really moves you and write about it.
Wyatt Originally Answered: Current issues Medicine?
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Racism Belonging management 'Hate' - occasion hate is a sturdy be conscious. Asylum seekers New beginnings at the back of the door wish those supply u concept i'm no longer in all probability a good number of a help sine it rather is eleven:15pm have been i'm bit besides.
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Niel Niel
how about the fact (or the opinion) that to days generation is spending to much time on their cell phones.
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