What are some names of jewish people that were deported from canada in ww2 that died in auschwitz?

What are some names of jewish people that were deported from canada in ww2 that died in auschwitz? Topic: Canada research
June 24, 2019 / By Anne-Marie
Question: I have to do an independent study project for my canadian history class and I'm trying to find a way to link Josef Mengele to Canada somehow and the only way I can think of is through Jewish people who were deported from Canada and sent to concentration camps and then possibly to Josef himself. But, names seem to be really hard to find so if anyone can help that would be great.
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Best Answers: What are some names of jewish people that were deported from canada in ww2 that died in auschwitz?

Wymund Wymund | 7 days ago
You can be proud of being given the task to an "independent study project",yet is sounds somewhat strange as lots of authorities have already Deon the search by all means available: #1: [email protected] #2: [email protected] #3: Canadian Jewish Congress , These sources are the THE competent sources, and they are eager to identify n a m e s, but they would hardly understand your idea that MENGELE could be identified by a Canadian soldier or officer who happened to be part of the liberation troops in the Netherlands in 1944 and was taken prisoner by a fighting SS-unit.They usually "saved the trouble" to organize a single captured Jew transport to Auschwitz. (Canada itself was NOT occupied by the Nazis, you will know.) The three sources I mentioned under #1,#2,#3 are better equipped as you and me and able to answer your rather strange question.Lots of scientific work has already in the field of IDENTIFYING people - and now identifying people by a Canadian jew still living? Don't you now what Mengele did in Auschwitz? Could any of his "patients"identify him? MENGELE of all the SS-criminals? In Canada? He is said to have gone to Argentina.This is a field of inquiry,but scientist and special research teams from Israel have alreaday searched for him.I am infomed that Mengele was dead now, but he is not the only war criminal who vanished into thin air... I recommend you to contact the three addresses.
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Shay Shay
i wasn't aware canada had ANY deportations?...canada was an ally with the U.S. ...unless you have concrete proof?....i wont believe it
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Shay Originally Answered: Jewish messianism is a way of protestatism but has a mask of judaism? they try to bring real jewish people to?
Before I give my own answer, I must correct a bit of misinformation given about Christianity that thus far, I haven't seen any Christians correct. The Christian New Testament first appeared in Koine GREEK, not in Hebrew. The very context of the New Testament in its often misguided attempts to interpret the Tanakh to tie it's claims to it, revealed that the writers had a poor understanding of the Hebrew! Their texts NEXT appeared in Latin. This is why you find such Latin words as LUCIFER, that is NO where in the Jewish Bible. Now as to the "messianics". This is a Christian movement, as others have already said. The overwhelming majority of adherents are converts from OTHER Christian denominations. I will also explain my answer with posting here an essay I wrote and giving you the consensus opinions from every branch of Judaism in official proclamations. I am a Jewish follower of Monotheistic Judaism. Sound redundant? Of course it does. Judaism's primary tenet is belief there is only one eternal God of all creation. Judaism brought monotheistic belief to the world. Hear O' Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord is ONE There is absolutely no need to designate any particular branch of Judaism as monotheistic. It is EVERY bit as illogical and redundant to have a phrase naming a separate branch of the Jewish religion as "Messianic Judaism". Those who call themselves Messianic Jews follow Christian faith and not the faith of Judaism. Period. The very notion of a Davidic Messiah of Israel, Judaism presented to the world and its still very much a part of Judaism. The religion of Judaism is messianic. It is one of the principles of the faith of Judaism to have belief that God will make good the promise of an anointed human King of Israel who will deliver Israel and all who are persecuted and oppressed and usher in an age when all peoples shall know and worship God. The events of the Messianic age prophesied quite obviously would require no sales pitch to convince anyone on the planet if they had transpired. So, when you ask a person of the Jewish faith, " Are you a messianic believer?" You may get a mixed reaction before you get an answer. The straightforward, logical, and truthful answer from anyone whose faith is found in the religion of Judaism would be to answer in the affirmative. Belief that God will do as promised to bring the Davidic messiah is one of the 13 principles of Judaism. If you know what Judaism is about, a single simple yes would suffice, yet, because there is a fast growing number of Christians who willfully misrepresent Christian dogma as a part of a sect of Judaism, an answer in the affirmative usually requires clarification. My hope is that here I can help at least one person understand why they may get an exasperated look or a frustrated response from a Jew if they ask a Jewish believer, " Are you a Messianic Jew? Are you a Jewish believer?" Perhaps this may in some small way help slow the growth of misinformation, misunderstanding and and misrepresentation, and a better understanding may develop and allow for actual dialog. As I have done many times, I offer a wonderful web page that Rabbi Stuart Federow has presented on the internet to help demystify for our Christian brethren just what it is Jews believe that is so different from Christianity. Whether you are curious or confused about Orthodox, Conservative, Reconstructionist, or Reform Judaism, this web page found at http://www.whatjewsbelieve.org will help you to understand the basic beliefs from a purely Scriptural perspective, while acknowledging and addressing the target audiences Christian perspective in relation to it. Hint: The major irreconcilable difference isn’t over the messiah. I repeat, there is absolutely no reason to distinguish one sect of Judaism as " Messianic Judaism". If you follow the Christian doctrine found in the New Testament no matter how you Hebraicise the terms or Jesus name, you're not following the Jewish faith. You misrepresent yourself and in so doing, you are committing a sin according to Torah. If you call yourself a "Messianic Rabbi" and you are leading worshippers in prayers to or through Jesus or in his name you are misrepresenting yourself to others. You are no Rabbi. The Jewish concept of messiah is very different than the Christian as you can learn in detail at the web site listed above. I rarely claim to speak for anyone other than myself, however, as a Jew, and on this issue, I believe I can speak for all Jews in my request. Please, be honest with yourself, your fellow man, and God if you follow the religion of the New Testament by any name, do not call it Judaism. Copyright © 2006 mama_pajama_1 There is an old saying, “ You get two Jews in a room and you’ll have at least three opinions”. This derives from the longstanding tradition of debate in Jewish history. We’re not taught that it’s a sin to question or to test our beliefs. However, we’re not allowed to alter Torah commandments, and much of the debate over the centuries has been how to apply Torah to changing cultures, times and technologies. There are different ways of Jewish life in every part of the world, but this is ONE THING NO BRANCH OF JUDAISM DEBATES. The following proclamations I lifted (copy pasted) from a now defunct page at amhaaretz.com. However, these proclamations still exist and apply, and Jesus is still entirely insignificant to the religion of Judaism. THIS IS THE ONLY THING ALL JEWS AGREE ON. What Jews Think of Messianic Jews CHIEF Ashkenazi and CHIEF Sephardi Rabbis of Israel "There are Christian groups that call themselves "Messianic Jews" whose faith is totally alien to the Jewish faith, and members of these groups who were born to Jewish parents have a status of apostates who removed themselves from the Jewish Nation." -Official proclamation of the Chief Rabbinate of Israel, 1998. --------------------------------------... Rabbi Y. Eliezer Danzinger of Tzefat, Israel (Chabad) "Messianic Judaism is both a logical and theological absurdity. It's perverse goal is to seduce uneducated Jews away from their heritage and people, without the ensnared realizing the enormity of their betrayal." "Although Jews who subscribe to such heresy are clearly apostates--and as such, forfeit all rights as Jews, including the right of being buried in a Jewish cemetery--the gates of repentance are open to them." --------- Hebrew Union College / Jewish Institute of Religion (Reform) ....being Jewish and accepting Christ is entirely incompatible. In the Winter 1996 issue of Reform Judaism, Mark Washofsky, called Messianic Jews "apostates." "We see Messianic Jews as dishonest, deceptive and ultimately dangerous to our existence as a religious community." --------------------- Central Conference of American Rabbis (Reform) For us in the Jewish community anyone who claims that Jesus is their savior is no longer a Jew and is an apostate. Through that belief she has placed herself outside the Jewish community. Whether she cares to define herself as a Christian or as a "fulfilled Jew," "Messianic Jew," or any other designation is irrelevant; to us she is clearly a Christian. We should, therefore, consider a "completed Jew" [Messianic Jew] as an apostate. ....they should be seen as outsiders who have placed themselves outside the Jewish community. This should be made very clear to them and to the Jewish and general community, especially as many such individuals are active proselytizers. Such individuals should not be accorded membership in the congregation or treated in any way which makes them appear as if they were affiliated with the Jewish community, for that poses a clear danger to the Jewish community and also to its relationships with the general community. We certainly do not want these individuals to speak for Judaism in any public forum. In conclusion, we should make the distinction between ourselves and these individuals very clear to them, to the Jewish community and to the general community around us. -proclamation September 1983. Christian dogma changed the very meaning of the word messiah from meaning an annointed human king to (depending on Christian sect) god in human form or a demi-god who could pardon sin. Neither of the Christian meanings is any part of Jewish belief about the messiah. As I have already said, th vast majority of people claiming adherence to the Christian evangelic "messianic Jewish" churches are converts from other Protestant Christian branches( 80 to 85 percent and in some communities up to 100 percent none of Jewish heritage) and if you compare their statement of faith principles they match Southern Baptist statements and contradict the 13 principals of faith of Judaism and statements of faith of EVERY branch of Judaism.. I have heard some misinformed Christians try to tell me that this sounds similar to the Protestant reformation that split the Church..I try to explain this is not a movement WITHIN Judaism unlike that schism..this is a movement fully funded, supported and run by Christians in order to CONVERT Jews this movement is not supported or funded by ANY Jewish organization anywhere in the world. This movement is largely responsible for an increase in anti-Semitism in the United States as well because many of their missionaires are TEACHING CHURCHES they visit a completely FALSE claim that Jews are taught to hate " Jewish believers in Jesus ".. A Jewish believer in Jesus would be an apostate to Judaism and a CHRISTIAN. Judaism does NOT teach to hate Christians or any other group. While we acknowledge that a Jewish convert to Christianity has become apostate to Judaism, the door of return ( teshuvah ) is always open. WHAT other group would accept a convert to their religion denying that they are a member of it? Practice of Jewish custom and ritual while in denial of the beliefs that those customs have honored for thousands of years is not only illogical it is completely dishonors Torah. A Jew for Jesus is a Christian. A Christian convert to Judaism isn't a Christian without Christ, and a Baptist convert to Catholocism isn't a Baptist for the Pope. Think logically about this please. This isn't any form of schism within Judaism but a problem of Christians using deception to convert and have managed to convince many OTHER Christians that they are Jews who are of a persecuted "sect" of Judaism. This is the problem that creates additional anti-Semitism. They are often accepted as a voice FOR Jews and Judaism by Christians and Christian churches increasingly and Jewish voices are being SILENCED as being bigoted to "our own" when we TRY to educate our Christian bretheren that they are being misled by desperate evangelics who have used this method to convert Jews..the groups who do this believe that they MUST convert Jews to bring Jesus return and take seriously Paul's admonition to " be as the Jew" to the Jew. AND LASTLY: To those who wonder why one born to a Jewish mother and who is atheist is still able to be called a Jew. Jews who may become agnostic or atheist don't have multimillion dollar organizations dedicated to trying to misrepresent another belief system AS Judaism. They may be apostate to the faith, but they have not embraced a different faith..nor declared their new belief to be Jewish because they, as a Jew decided to embrace it. A Jew embracing Buddhism doesn't turn Buddhism into a Jewish religion, and a Jew embracing Christianity doesn't turn Christianity into Judaism. A convert to Judaism cannot be atheist because in order to become Jewish, the non-Jew embraces the covenant of Israel and faith in the God of Israel. They become every bit as Jewish as one whose ancestry was Jewish from the time of the Bible, and a child born to a female Jewish convert is a Jew, who, like other Jews, may either come to embrace the covenant or become apostate to it. Jews who embrace a religion whose scriptural dogma demonizes Judaism, cannot be considered following the Jewish religion or a representative voice of Judaism, period. If you follow the religion of Christianity(belief that Jesus can be an intermediary and pardon your sins), don't be ashamed to call yourself a Christian. The righteous of all nations have a place in the world to come. Misrepresenting either yourself or others is not a righteous way to live. Shalom. EDIT TO RESPOND to a supposed de-bunking that the NT was written in Greek. Anyone can do a simple search on "language of the New Testament" to discover hundreds of years worth of scholarship on the subject and the consensus of it being written in the language common to that area of the Mediterranean, Koine Greek. There is no evidence that the gospels were written by the Nazarites OR the Ebionites, both the early groups of Jewish followers who awaited his reincarnation within their lifetimes. Neither of those groups would have written the many anti-Semitic passages in the New Testament either. The article simply tries to claim that Jesus and his disciples spoke Hebrew and Aramaic which no one disputes. However, Koine Greek was also the language of many Jews unlike what this article claims. It was the Jews apostate to Judaism who wrote the New Testament, not the Netzarim or Ebionites who would never have seen Jesus as a medium for ATONEMENT and salvation, but were awaiting him to be reincarnated in their lifetimes to do the JOB of messiah. They would not have recognized the Jesus described by Paul or in John's works. Since Jesus didn't write any of the New Testament and the NT didn't appear until more than a generation later, this article doesn't hold water. I'll stick with the many hundreds of linguists and scholars through the centuries whose evidence found at virtually hundreds of web sites anyone here can look up for themselves over a self-serving web site with an agenda of dogma to promote. Shalom :)
Shay Originally Answered: Jewish messianism is a way of protestatism but has a mask of judaism? they try to bring real jewish people to?
Messianic "Judaism" is basically a cult that has a rather immature insulting way of trying to convert Jews who are poor, drug addicts, alcoholics and Jews who know nothing about Judaism. I read two of there books. One about an atheist Jew who became a Christian after finding his Reform rabbi to not be religious( it is reform, what did he expect? and he is an atheist so why would it be an issue?) The other book was bunch of stories about Jews who converts, none were raised by an Orthodox family, in fact one story was a Jew who's family were Buddhists and did not even know he was Jewish until adulthood. The others were people who were morally and emotionally bankrupt, ex cons and people who dabbled in Wicca. Basically the same old sob stories.

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