Is Vodafone conning my mother?

Is Vodafone conning my mother? Topic: To arrive at a conclusion from given information on
July 19, 2019 / By Annette
Question: I'll try and explain as briefly as possible; My mother has been with Vodafone on contract for quite a while. She now has three contracts in her name, one for herself, one for my sister and one for my younger brother. This is because, due to her good custom, she gets better deals. My brother is 16 so my mum has gotten him a relatively cheap contract and my sister pays for hers. She never misses payments or has been the cause of any trouble. Then on November she was hit with a massive £200 something bill. Normally it should be about £70. Nevertheless she paid it, and asked for an itemized bill sent out. (It never arrived). Basically, she has been over her normal amount for the past three/four months. After years of being contract and to have never gone over, this is very suspicious. We contact the so-called customer care. We can only speak to call-centre advisors with heavily accented English and who don't have a clue. When we request to speak to a manager, we can't even get that - we have to wait for him to ring us back in 72 hours. Eventually, after weeks of useless calls, being put on hold because of poorly trained staff, we get an itemization. My mother doesn't have the time to go through it, so I pick through it with a fine toothed comb. In fairness, some of the charges are accounted for. Eventually I am able to come to conclusions about why the bill is so high - the rates are ridiculously expensive - a call lasting less than a minute cost 30p. My brother has a fault in his phone which makes it make repetitive, 1 second calls and this has all added up. One bill in particular has me miffed, so we go into a Vodafone to sort it. My mother is being charged with £40 worth of calls my brother has made. Thing is, he has 300 mins/5 hours of calls, and he hasn't gone over. Now the staff here aren't much better. One was very rude. Another was clueless and poorly trained, though he tried his best he had to first call a different department, then get a manager. The manager wasn't much better - he was clearly not educated, he wore jeans and tacky gold jewelry, and basically looked like someone you would buy a dodgy car from! He told us that basically, there was nothing in his power to fix the situation. We asked to speak to an area manage, but oh no, the area managers are too good to deal with customer complaints... eventually we get to the explanation of this charge when my brother hasn't gone over his limit - although he hasn't been on the phone for 300 mins, every time he made a call less than a minute, it counted as one anyway. So, if he made fve 1 second calls, they counted as 5 minutes worth. Now that seems VERY dodgy to me - My mum was sold 300 minutes in her contract, yet technically this isn't what she is getting. My mother is not a rich woman and they are asking for £400 off her. She hasn't paid the full amount because she wanted to make sure there wasn't a mistake, given the irregularity of the calls. The customer care has been appalling, we have had to spend hours on the phone, just to have the person on the other end repeat the same useless information. They have charged her for sending out the itemized bill - at £11 this is extortionate! - despite promising not to do so. They took about a month to send out the correct information and are charging my mother for a delay in payment, though the delay was due to their poor customer service. Sorry for the long post, but my mum is a hard-working, honest woman. I don't feel Vodafone are an ethical or honest company. It galls me that she is trapped in these contracts now, and I don't get why, after years of normal bills, all of a sudden they are becoming so high. I have heard of this happening to other people and something similar happened to me with T-Mobile. I don't want to see my mother's hard earned cash go towards a greedy, tax-avoiding company. I would love for her to be able to leave them, but shes tied to a contract for another 10 months and it's too expensive to leave
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Wyot Wyot | 10 days ago
theyre not conning you. you have just overstepped your allowance. my old phone bill with them was 8 pound a month. one month i went over on my internet and calls and it went up to 74 pound. i wasnt happy in the least. but yeah. vodafone to count 1 second as a minute on the phone. rediculous i know. but it is all in the terms and conditions because i had a good old look through it when i thought they were trying to get me! my advice, leave vodafone. im with orange now and they are a much better network. i have got a brand new phone 200 mins unlimited texts and 750mb data for £26. plus i get 2 swapables with this (i.e. free music, free mobile tv etc...) then when i rang up the customer services when i was setting up my phone they asked me my age, and because im under 24 (im 21) they gave me unlimited mins to orange and t-mobile unlimited texts and 1gb of data ON TOP OF MY CURRENT ALLOWANCE. also, another thing is that orange use real time to count your minutes, so if you are allowed 10 mins and you use 9 mins and 55 secs you still have 5 secs of talk time. Honestly vodafone are not worth it, and if you do leave them i strongly suggest looking at orange,
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