Do we try a second Au Pair?

Do we try a second Au Pair? Topic: Bib internet
June 24, 2019 / By Annice
Question: We got an Au Pair to care for our 3 mo old. I was home with her the 1st month to get her up to speed on caring for our daughter and to see how they interacted - before I returned to work. Her 2nd week she slipped into depression and stayed in her room all week. The counselor came out and gave her 2 weeks to get it together. During that time, she made several mistakes that made me nervous about leaving my young daughter alone with her. To name a few, she left spilled water on our steps, left the bib on our daughter's neck several times while she was sleeping in her crib (we told her not to), and we caught her on the internet while our daughter was in a different room unattended. So needless to say, she will be leaving soon! Now we are torn between trying a 2nd AP or putting our daughter into daycare. We really didn't want to put her into day care until she was a year old. Do we give the au pair program a second try or go with the day care? Can we really get 2 bad Au Pairs? Thanks
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Xan Xan | 2 days ago
If you can afford to pay someone to come to your home and watch your babe, why not stay home with her yourself? You really are the best person to care for her.
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Sheamus Sheamus
OK try and get another Au Pair. although it might not hurt t get an Au Pair through ha different agency or sight. where did you get that Au Pair from ? any good Au Pair knows never put a baby to sleep with a bib on. your tempting fate with that one. day cares area to a good place for children to go until there like 2 or 3 the first year or two they should be in a more home type setting. that is my opinion at least. you could get a second Au Pair who's not to good but you could get a good one. good luck.
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Noah Noah
To be honest with you, I think you are worrying too much about certain things. If the baby was asleep, unattended (with out a bib on) the AP should be able to get up and do things. That's what baby monitors are for. I am sure that it's tough being your first child and all, but I think you need to relax a bit. I'm not saying keep her, but I think you should give the AP program one more chance. Good luck!
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Kortney Kortney
Well, daycare is not a panacea, as I'm sure you know. Plus, you have some serious exposure (in terms of sickness and germs). Perhaps you could set up some nanny cameras to give you more peace of mind as you try another au pair. I know I would want to SEE what the au pair was doing. The first one sounds like a nightmare! Have people no common sense? She doesn't sound depressed, just lazy.
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Innes Innes
I absolutely cannot believe you kept the au pair as long as you did. I am dumbfounded. She would have been out in my home after her first mistake. I don't see how you can possibly be torn. I have heard many horror stories about au pairs. Personally, as a mother whose only son died after a neglectful nanny left him alone in the tub for a minute, I don't trust ANYONE with my child now. But if you insist, I would opt for a quality day care.
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