I saw a article about sex , do you approve of it? a psychologist wrote? I saw a article about sex , do you a?

I saw a article about sex , do you approve of it? a psychologist wrote? I saw a article about sex , do you a? Topic: Articles about writing in english
July 19, 2019 / By Annie
Question: I saw a article about sex , do you approve of it ?? a psychologist wrote? he says : do not seek excitement from sex , that is not having a baby, that is addictive like using drug. seeking excitement from sex will cause central nervous system stimulated. just like using marijuana or pot ..e.t.c . nowaday in our society young people have problems in their marriage or relationship. the main cause usually happen by the process of sex. during the sex , they will think : he or she wants excitement from sex ,when time goes past, they will lost trust on each other. because that is having excitement on your central nervous system not having a baby, so that why many young guy seeks one night stand nowaday. in their mind they think : hey you want excitement just like me. the right process during sex should be following steps : 1. romantic musics with romantic light. 2.don't move your body for excitement you should feeling each other and chat , or sing. 3.we only have two children in our life, , male will have nocturnal emission about one month a time,just like female's ovulation. so during the sex , just don't move then you can fall asleep , let it be natural . then you can do it every night without hurting your brain and body. my English is not good to translate . 12 hours ago - 4 days left to answer. Additional Details he says if everything can lead to excitement , and that 's wrong , like sprinters , racing cars , roller coaster, but I think in conclusion if sex is a excitement, it is okey , I mean who doesn't ? responsibility is more imporntant I think. but I also think he means no harm here, the article is about solveing the problem on teenager. 4 minutes ago I forgot to add this , he also say: people always feel gross if their mom and dad are having sex, or seeing other people in public having sex, if it is right , then why feel stranger ? because it is just like seeing dogs having it on the road, human never seek the right way, we just learn from other animals..
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Xzavier Xzavier | 3 days ago
I disagree, sex is supposed to be for pleasure. Of course, in my mind, it's for me and someone that I love, but there's nothing wrong with exciting sex, exotic sex, sex is there for the taking, why not take it?
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Shelah Shelah
I don't wholly agree with the article as you describe it. Sex between two consenting adults is healthy and normal. There are many physical benefits of having sex as well as emotional ones. In a marriage or committed relationship between adults, sex is a fun and bonding experience. It is totally fine to feel excited about having sex with the person you love. Sex can help two people in a marriage or serious relationship stay or grow closer and develop trust in each other as they learn and experience new things together and grow together sexually. I don't think it's healthy to seek excitement from sex with random strangers and to have series of one-night stands. There are people who can get addicted to sex as it is (well, should be) a pleasurable physical experience. Sex also releases a lot of the "feel good" chemicals in your brain that drugs do so it can be easy to see why they can become addicted.
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