I want to get a ring for my girlfriend but I don't know her size?

I want to get a ring for my girlfriend but I don't know her size? Topic: Ring case size
June 24, 2019 / By Annitra
Question: I want to get a ring for my girlfriend, but I don't know her ring size and I obviously want it to be a surprise so I can't ask her. Is there any way I can guess or found out her ring size without asking? I'm not sure if it helps but she's quite petite and she's about five foot.
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Yancey Yancey | 6 days ago
If she has any other rings, measure one of them. Otherwise, take your best guess and ask the salesperson for help. Maybe when you are holding hands you try and see which of your fingers is closest to her ring finger in diameter. Make sure you can exchange the ring after you give it to her in case you need to get is bigger or smaller.
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Yancey Originally Answered: Determining what ring size to buy?
If you are buying from a regular jewelry store if it can be resized. If it can, ask if the seller recommends buying a the next size up or down to have it sized. If it can be, you may want to wait until after Mother's Day to have it sized, so she can try it on to see how it really fits first. Many jewelers offer resizing for no extra cost. If it can not be resized, I would recommend getting the 8 and keeping your receipt in case you need to exchange it for a 7 after giving it to her. Although you don't want a ring that is too big that will fly off her finger, it would be uncomfortable to wear a ring that is too small. Fingers swell with weather and usage, so the ring might end up fitting better than you expected.
Yancey Originally Answered: Determining what ring size to buy?
if youre buying a ring from a jewellery store, they usually resize it on premises which takes about 2-3 days. they only resize if its silver or gold in my experience. The fee of a resize is usually $30-60 depending on the metal and number of sizes but if it's a semi expensive ring or the store is really convenient the resize is usually free.

Shell Shell
If you can borrow a ring of hers, you can find her ring size online using a website like FindMyRingSize.com and that way you can do this all without even having to remove the ring from her home. This way, you can surprise her with the ring you want and with the exact size.
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Nolan Nolan
get one of her friends to talk to her. but her friend cant go up to her and say "what's ur ring size." thats way too obvious and suspicious. Somehow both friends as they are talking have to get into the ring topic. her friend should take an indirect approach to asking the question. Therefore, instead of starting by asking her ring size, her friend should make the topic about her. So she could go up to ur girlfriend and say, "Hey, what size of ring you think i am?" and let the conversation keep going
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Nolan Originally Answered: I'm about to propose to my girlfriend and I'm not sure how much to spend on a ring?
First off, congrats! Secondly, don't go by traditional rules...getting caught up in two or three month salary rule is silly. The most important thing (I think) is that you don't purchase your ring at a mall store or a commercial location that marks their items up sky high. Go ahead and look at those locations, bring a pen and paper, and compare some prices. If you don't want to leave your house, compare prices online. The best resource is http://www.adiamor.com. They are a manufacturer and distributor and that means that average consumers get wholesale prices...no middleman. They also allow you to custom design your engagement ring (which is a nice touch and shows your girlfriend you are thoughtful and creative). This store has excellent reviews and the best part is they have a 30 day exchange/return policy. If your future wife is not happy with it, you're not stuck with it. Please make your purchase wisely and whatever you do...don't buy from a mall or any retail store....they are a rip off and you can seriously get the same item you would see at a retail location for 1/3 of the price. For the proposal, I think it would be nice to take her to the place where you first met. Tell her that your life has been amazing ever since and that you want to stay with her forever. Just an idea and again, congrats!

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