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June 25, 2019 / By Annmarie
Question: Basically, what do you do? I'm trying to decide on an MOS and would like some inside information. "Typical" day? Do you like it or would you have rather done something else? Any personal experience. I'd love to hear experience from both AD and reserve soldiers. I, personally, am looking into the reserves, though. I thought that as a female I couldn't be near a combat zone? It doesn't bother me, but that's just what I've heard.
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Yarwood Yarwood | 8 days ago
You might want to reconsider being a 68W unless you can garuntee not being near a combat zone. It is possibly one of the most psychologically demanding MOS's in the military (I include in that statement all medics from every branch) In the field (deployed) you are the person that saves lives. In those first few precious minutes you either fix it, stabilize it, or move on. Can you make that descision? or better question do you want to have to make that descision? If all you want to be isa nurse in the military look into the extended nursing class that follows 68W training (i forget the number) or surgical techinician. That kind of thing. Or you can try and get the coveted 68T slot (animal care specialist) whcih is a nurse/medic for the dogs.
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Shelomi Shelomi
My husband is a 68-Whiskey (it was 91- Whiskey when he went through AIT). Like the guy said previously it all depends on whether you're active, reserve, as well as your unit. My husband is in the National Guard. You're supposed to keep up on training during your weekends, but his unit doesn't do anything and has screwed him over mulitiple time with his national EMT registry. But anyway from an ANG point: during AT he was assigned to another unit and he was the medic at the range and treated people during sick call. Other times he admisisterd flu shots to another unit and updated medical records by doing physicals. The only problem with this MOS is transitioning back into the civilian world as an EMT. You can't practice all the skills you know as a combat medic in the civilian worl (like doing IVs). Hope this gives you some kind of idea
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