Do I really owe him for the language class?

Do I really owe him for the language class? Topic: How to write a legal sounding letter
July 19, 2019 / By Annona
Question: I went to learn a language from a guy here in NYC...he promised us books and other materials. When we all got there, he did have anything and said that it would all be online. It didn't sound right but we all still attended the first level. He was very pushy about us paying cash only and not giving us a reciept. I attended for 12 weeks and on the last week I raised my hand saying that I don't know if I'll be able to attend because the nature of my job for the summertime (Flight Attendant). I haven't been able to show up to any of the classes due to the ash cloud in the Atlantic Ocean the past few weeks on and off which left me stranded in another country. I communicated that with him He said that since I raised my hand on the last week of level one that I owe him for the second 12 weeks of the class whether I show or not. I don't think that is reasonable because I want to pay for the service that I am using and I did advise him that I will not be able to show up for classes. I didn't sign anything and he did do a grace period but do I still owe him the money? This is what he wrote me... "It is really not acceptable to run away without paying the fee at the fourth week of the semester. I extended this grace period as a courtesy, and registering, coming to class and then disappearing is really abusing my goodwill! I know where you work and I can easily find your address from your phone number. I don't want to make a scene neither in your neighborhood nor at your job. I am sure you wouldn't want it either. Please don't push me to do that and let's resolve this issue before it escalates into a bigger problem. If you are short of cash, I can extend the deadline or you can pay it in installments. But not paying is not an option. Please get back to this email by Wednesday and let's resolve it before it gets nasty." I did not disappear, I advise him on the second week that I am unable to attend classes because I got stuck in another country for days. He said that since I raised my hand in class that I owe him the full tuition. I always pay my bills on time and I have never missed a payment when I was in college but the way this guy is going at me paying him is not reasonable. What do I do? Thanks!
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Yehowah Yehowah | 9 days ago
This person is threatening you and that is illegal. At the very least, you should turn him and the name of his business over to the Better Business Bureau. Since he would only accept class, I suspect he is not reporting his income to the IRA. If you did not sign a contract, you don't have to pay, but I think you can perhaps expect problems from him. But, he could also be bluffing. Either way, that's not how a professional runs a business. I would suggest that you send him a certified letter that he has to sign once it's received. Explain that since you have no written contract, and you verbally explained what was going on with your job, you do not plan to pay for services that were not received and that you did not request. You should say that you consider his previous letter threatening, and that you intend on taking legal action should he continue to harass you, and that you plan to contact the Better Business Bureau regarding his unethical business.
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