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June 24, 2019 / By Anora
Question: every spring my sorority holds a party for our seniors. Each year there is a different theme and it becomes personalized to each of the seniors. For example, there was celebrity party in the past and each of the seniors got their own fake tabloid with their face on the front and were matched up with a celebrity. We have 16 seniors this year and cannot come up with a theme that would be easy to personalize to 16 girls, PLEASE HELP!
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Youkahainen Youkahainen | 3 days ago
What about great world leaders that are women? I'm sure you could find 16 women world leaders or "important" women in history (artists, authors, political figures, etc...)...you could superimpose the sorority faces with the famous face and and put it in a picture frame...so you could have a frida kahlo for instance, cleopatra, etc. (again they have You could make each senior a 40s pinup girls like rosie the riveter...that could be fun and totally stylish in a retro theme. Then you could match them up with a fictitious (or real!) penpal. You could do famous bad girls with gangster molls (and even paris hilton etc..if you want to add in a modern bad girl or two.) and match them up with gangster men. Famous litarary figures might be fun (Jane Austen, etc.) Or choose a whole book (alice in wonderland, little women) and assign everyone a character and make up a letter of the times or something indicative of the book (or the book itself) as a gift (for instance in little women, Jo wrote - so you could make up letters between Jo and sisters, or do fake "family photos" by superimposing the faces on real little women photos, etc..
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Norris Norris
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