Lawyers and Police - Can someone press charges or take you to court for gluing a payment of 50cents together?

Lawyers and Police - Can someone press charges or take you to court for gluing a payment of 50cents together? Topic: Write letter of reference for friend
July 19, 2019 / By Ansonia
Question: So... ok ... brace yourselves for the dumbest situation you will ever read about online. My neighbor recently passed away. Our families had been friends for about 50 years and as a matter of fact up until about a month before she died, we'd been doing a lot to take care of her. Her daughter lived in the next city and the relationship she and her daughter had was terrible - so instead of coming down all the time to check on and take care of a mother she couldn't stand... the daughter would call us and ask us (sometimes demand for us) to go next door, check on and take care of her mother. Anyway, the neighbor has died and her daughter has been spending a lot of time next door packing and holding estate sales. My mom went next door and happened to see a plastic duck she recognized as something she'd bought for me to help me learn to walk. My Grandmother had given it to our neighbor years ago after the birth of her first grandchild. I'm in my mid-thirties now, so this thing is rather old. Anyway, it was neat to see it again and we decided we'd like to have it back - just for memory's sake. My mom asked if we could have it and our neighbor's daughter said sure, and then my mom could pay her the 50cent asking price later. My mom laughed because it sounded like a joke to her, took the duck and brought it home. A few days later we started getting these crazy nasty emails from this neighbor, all demanding her fifty cents. Now here is where the decent into petty madness begins. I apologize to all who read this and hope it doesn't make you dumber. These emails were pretty ugly. So my mom and I discussed it. She really thought the reference to the 50cent price was a joke ---especially because of all the things we've done for her over the years, and the fact that she actually owes my mom a $20 refund for a doll case she never delivered to us. God this is embarrassing to share with the yahoo community.... Anyway, so my mom wrote her back offering two solutions to the problem of the 50cents. << 50CENTS DEAR GOD! >> 1) we could pay the neighbor 50cents and she could just give us the 20 dollars she owes to us. Or 2) she could just take the 50cents out of the 20 and only owe us $19.50. If we thought the first emails were ugly we were sadly mistaken because neither of these solutions went over well and her emails began a truly quick decent into harassment. She became really belligerent and began calling my mom a lot of really mean names. Because my mom has known this woman practically her entire life and because my mom is actually a really nice person, these emails left her in tears. She wrote this neighbor back asking what was really going on? This couldn't all be about two quarters. The amount of hatred and anger in these emails left my mom concerned about this woman's sanity. After all, she had just lost her mother. Maybe she just needed to talk to someone. This neighbor wrote something so mean and ugly to my mom that even at the age of 35 I felt the need to punch this schoolyard bully in the nose. I didn't however. Per her instructions, I slipped the two quarters into her mail-slot.... I just glued them together first. I also wrote her a nice little note telling her what I thought of how she was handling this and speaking to my mother.... I asked her if 50cents was really the price-tag she'd put on a lifetime friendship not to mention a relationship with a woman she refers to as her "second mother"...... and I told her to choke on the coins.... So anyway... then we blocked her email address so we wouldn't hear from her again and life went on. Until today when we received a letter demanding a new payment of 50cents or litigation will begin. And because I glued the coins together she's threatening me with a misdemeanor charge. This woman is an ex police officer. She outlined the laws we've broken and everything. She put a lot of thought into this letter. She is insane. Sooooooo at first I just wrote it off. But then I decided to quit this ridiculous mess and I called her. I had to leave a message so I very VERY nicely told her that I would meet with her and (because the agreed upon price was 50cents and not $1) I would trade her glued together coins for a new 50cents. I also mentioned that she should probably take this opportunity to refund my mother's money but understanding that the two are separate issues, suggested that either way we should, (since she seems to feel so strongly about this) get together and take care of the 50cents at the very least. She hasn't called me back. She is crazy enough to press charges against me I think. I figured when I did it that it would be a petty prank and she'd pry the coins apart, hate me for life and move on. However, now that this ex-police officer is threatening legal action (I still can't believe it as I'm typing it) I decided to gain a better understanding of what I did. Using the same glue I used on her quarters, I glued two more quarters together to see exactly how strong the bond was. It's been 6 hours and I can still pry the quarters apart easily. Have you EVER heard something this stupid? Anyway, any other police officers or lawyers out there care to tell me if this woman might actually have a case? I feel dumber for having typed all this out. Thanks everybody :) I told myself this wasn't bothering me but lol ...here I am posting it on yahoo :) And Deni? It IS a riding Donald Duck from the 70's!!! :)
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Best Answers: Lawyers and Police - Can someone press charges or take you to court for gluing a payment of 50cents together?

Zabdi Zabdi | 4 days ago
Go around your house. Pick up two quarters and give it to your psycho neighbors kid. Hell if its that big of a deal just email me and i will mail you a few quarters.
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Zabdi Originally Answered: Should i press charges on this police officer for failure of professional responsibility and discrimination?
Your question needs understanding. You should not feel that you are alone on this crisis of exhibiting a misunderstood behavior. Your behavior seems you are a caring kind of personality. This is for the reason why you ask the police officer on that particular spot where such signs you felt was violated by such officer. Your speaking up frankly is because such words you spoke out to the officer really came out from your heart. This is a good sign that you used your soul/spirit that gives you energy to express concern for the law against loitering. If you think a repeated treatment which you have experienced from this officer will extend to the next victim, then, find out the name of this officer and make a report to the chief of the department where this officer worked/assigned. Make an honest report on all those tightness of the handcuffs, if there were abusive language used, then include it in your report. You said you are using pot as a habit. If you can kick it if possible you are saving yourself from future damaged in you brain upon getting old in the later years to come. So think! Are you able to accept the bad effects of pot in your later age to come? Got it?

Sheridan Sheridan
First, your neighbor would never find a lawyer to try a case for 50 cents. They usually want third or more for any case settlement and will turn away cases not netting them a nice income for their time. Second, she would be laughed out of court in small claims for such an arbitration. The most she could claim is the 50 cents and court fees. Or, the return of the toy and court costs. You could counter sue for the 20 dollars with any said contract for the 20 dollar payment previously due and any emails from her as to her harassment. But the court would be terribly disappointed in such a case before him/her. Third, never write or leave answering machine voice recording of any threats - these can be construed against you in some evil plot you never thought of. You have blocked her calls and emails. Take rest of her completely. You lost 20 dollars, paid 50 cents for the toy and you have no more to do with the woman who died nor the nasty daughter. Sounds like she has a small mind with great hate - it's just not your problem. Don't let them get your "goat". Did wonder, however, if the Duck toy was a riding Donald Duck from the 70's? My sister is still fond of her's.
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Norton Norton
Well, the only criminal act you committed was defacing government property, however it's a pretty arbitrary offense and it would be really difficult to prove it was you. I really doubt a detective is going to waste taxpayer's dollars trying to get evidence against you to prosecute you, and i REALLY doubt a DA is going to waste time on that... Also, she is going to spend 600x more than what you owe her filing a claim against you, and she doesn't even have any evidence that you owe her money, I'm assuming no one filled out a contract, hahaha. Also, in civil litigation, you aren't innocent until proven guilty, the judge decides on the case based on the preponderance of evidence, meaning, whoever has the evidence 51% or more in their favor. And even if you do lose the case (which you won't because she has no proof that you owe her money to begin with,(except maybe e-mails) and you'll just owe her 50 cents haha. And even if you never pay it, it's just a court-ordered IOU. They don't do anything to ensure that you pay her, it's not like you'll get arrested haha. She won't take you to court though, it would cost her more money than it's worth. This made me laugh though hahahahhahaha, good luck.
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Lamont Lamont
So... ok ... brace yourselves for the dumbest situation you will ever read about online Not remotely possible. Even if the coins where PERMANENTLY fused, the ONLY possible criminal charge could only be pursued by the Secret Service for defacing currency. They won't even answer the phone over 50 cents. The neighbor can refuse to accept the payment, but the police won't answer the phone over 50 cents either.
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Ishmael Ishmael
I read it all legit, it was very interesting. Anyway, she can't do squat to you, I don't care what she says about being an ex-cop or not. She cannot press charges against you as you have done nothing wrong and nothing illegal. She is just using her ex-cop bully attitude to try to scare you. She sounds like a nut bag at the very least. I'd honestly just give her two actual, not glued together coins and be done with this. Just drop it off like you did last time, but leave two good coins.
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Ishmael Originally Answered: If charges are dropped will the state press charges?
It doesn't quite work that way. The person accusing you is called the complainant, and he or she has no control over the pressing or dropping of charges. How the MD criminal courts work is the complainant brings a crime to the attention of the state (via the police or by filing a complaint via the court). The complainant’s statement to the police or via their filing is admitted as evidence. It is then the state's call (represented by the prosecutor) on whether they think a crime has happened and if they want to proceed with pressing charges against the defendant (you, in this case). A few things can happen at this point. The prosecutor may not be convinced by the complaint that a crime has happened, or may feel that there is not enough evidence to proceed with a case. If that happens, the charges are dropped automatically. If he feels that the statement and testimony are enough, you will be charged and you then go to trial. The complainant has NO power to drop those charges. They can only do a few things depending on WHY they want to drop things. If they want to stop the charges because they LIED, they have to confess that to the court. They may or may not be charged with filing a false report or perjury for lying. Or if they did not lie, but feel that prosecuting you is not needed or is unfair, they can refuse to testify. Note that refusing to testify is not allowed (i.e. they can be forced to under threat of jail for contempt) unless they have a special reason. These special reasons include: -self-incrimination aka “pleading the 5th” (i.e. they cannot accuse you of assault without disclosing that they were committing a crime) -Spousal privilege (you two were married at the time, but note MD has a special rule that this is only allowed once)

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