Dogs have never seen snow before and now we are having bad snow.they don't like it. How to protect them/us?

Dogs have never seen snow before and now we are having bad snow.they don't like it. How to protect them/us? Topic: A cold case story
June 24, 2019 / By Antoinette
Question: Asked similar question a few moments ago but I don't think anyone realized the seriousness of the situation. First of all: They have never seen snow before today. both are small dogs and one is a chihuahua mix and the other is a shaved down mix breed Second of all: Also if its icy, I won't go out and down the stairs, I'm 9 months pregnant and due anytime and I'm not going to risk it. I have some potty pads from when they were puppies left over, if I put those on the patio do you think they would use them? (they aren't puppies anymore by anymeans but its better than going out and slipping) We never get snow here but a major snow storm is moving in and there has already been some accumilaton. Now our dogs aren't used to this weather and its kind of freaking them out and they are freezing when we take them outside. We are in a second story apartment and they don't even want to go downstairs, they won't use the bathroom in the snow either. Also they are predicting widespread poweroutages, we don't have a generator or fireplace. What can we do to protect them from this weather and the cold and to get them used to going out in this weather, obviously there is going to be snow/ice on the ground for a few days. And how to keep all of us safe and warm if the power does go out? Thanks Last time we got any snow especially like this was 7 years ago. ADD: 7 inches predicted and yes both dogs are inside dogs Its never this cold here BMTHESPIAN: Yes its the southeast snowstorm, this is very strange weather for us Both dogs have coats, the smaller one loves hers but the larger one hates hers
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Best Answers: Dogs have never seen snow before and now we are having bad snow.they don't like it. How to protect them/us?

Zachery Zachery | 9 days ago
I live in WI and gets very cold here and we get a lot of snow. The pee pads should work fine for the dogs. If the power goes out and its very cold out then you need to find a shelter of some sorts for you and your dogs to go to. I would call around and find a place now just in case of an emergency so you know where to go if it happens and you know that they will let you bring your dogs. You can get your dogs doggy sweaters just in case. I would not risk staying in your house/apartment over night if its cold out and your power is out though. Good luck I hope everything works out for you guys!
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Shimea Shimea
OK... it's never easy with tiny little dogs but most people have warm coats for them and some will also have little snoods, woollen doggy sweaters and booties to help keep them warm. Whilst you can't go outside in the snow because of your condition, couldn't you ask someone to go out and shovel a little circular path for your dogs to exercise around? We don't get blizzards often in my part of the world (maybe 1 in 20 years), but I do remember opening the door one morning and finding a snowdrift almost all the way to the top so it was a good thing I'd brought a shovel in the night before. You're asking how to keep warm if the power goes out? Use blankets and comforters and snuggle together. Stuff thin layers of dry newspaper under your jumpers etc. If you have natural gas for central heating, that may go out too when there's no power to maintain the pressure, likewise the water so keep some water in containers in your bath. The real problems usually only start if there's a severe ice storm that brings the lines down.
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Obed Obed
Oh dear. I'm in Florida. Thank goodness. Get some sweaters for your dogs. Double or triple them up. Since you are 9 months pregnant (!!) and are going to be trapped in a snow storm don't worry about the dogs going potty outside right now. I would just put the pads down wherever you can and if they mess just clean it up. (I am thinking about a level 5 hurricane here which is just as bad as a snow storm where you are) Blankets!!! LOTS of them. Socks, heavy sweaters, hats, gloves! Thermal underwear! Chapstick! Keep every window and door shut. Do not open if you don't have to. Whenever we have had any indication a hurricane may hit us we prepare. Thank goodness for a generator and steel shutters. But, I have 9 dogs and the possibility of anybody going outside would be a good 24 to 36 hours. I prepare with buckets of bleach water, loads of paper towels, air freshener and 3 good mops. Anyway, just bundle up. Keep those little dogs warm as you can. I truly hope you and everyone else will be safe!
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Langdon Langdon
I would try the puppy pads on the balcony, they are probably also responding to your stress. I guess you could try doggy sweaters and booties, or maybe a little tee shirt or something to keep them warm. I have a KAZ gel pack heating pad sold at walmart in the pharmacy, I microwave it for two minutes and put it under my jacket. When I come in from potty breaks I put it under my covers to warm my feet. That only works if you have electricity. We used oil lamps if the power went out. Most churches or community centers open, places that have back up generators, so while you could probably go there, they might not allow dogs. I wonder if there is someone you could stay with that has a fire place and will let you bring your dogs.
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Issac Issac
For protection, they make a TON of different sweaters and booties to keep ice out of their feet and to heat up their body. Once they are well-protected from the cold, then they'll probably be more willing to go out and use the restroom. For now, go ahead and see if you can get them to use the pads outside. Clean up the pads right away, though, because if they stay out too long they'll freeze! Going down icy steps in that condition is way scary, you're right. Is there any way you could ask a neighbor to take the dogs out for a quick minute? There's got to be somebody next to you who could step in and help out. You could even find a neighbor kid to take them out, let them get used to the snow and get used to going to the bathroom in the cold. For staying warm in the cold, just stock up on a LOT of blankets. Pull out all the quilts and comforters you can. The best thing to do is stay in one spot. Set up camp on the couch or the bed, and stay snuggled and warm in your little nest. See if you can pick up some hand/feet warmers before the storm hits. These are little packs that create a decent amount of heat, and they don't take electricity....you just shake them to mix the chemicals and they start heating up. You should be able to find some at the store. If you don't have gloves, then get some now. You'll really appreciate them later. For food, you'll want to make sure you have plenty of things to eat that don't need to be cooked, and that won't freeze. Crackers, sandwiches, and baked goods are all great foods to stock up on.
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Ferdie Ferdie
I"m guessing you are getting hit by the snow storm we are getting in the southeast. Snow is something different and like anything different dogs can react to it in different ways if they have never seen it before. It is odd/unusual footing to them. You defiantly can't risk going down icy steps and falling. Do what you need to do while you are home by yourself. Since you say us I'm guessing someone else lives with you. Once they get home have them take the dogs out. Don't make a big deal of the snow and make it a positive experience for the dogs just like anything else new. If the snow gets too deep you may have to consider clearing a small area for them to relieve themselves in, given the amount of snow and your dogs small size. As for loosing power make sure the dogs are dried off after they have been outside. Keep the blinds, curtains closed as it provides some insulation to the windows. Dress in layers in the house, provide the dogs a warmer area to lay (blanket, dog bed etc) Don't try to run gas space heaters in the house, if you get hit by a power outage you may want to consider staying at a hotel for a few days that accepts dogs, many offer discounted rates when power outages like this occur.
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Dakota Dakota
Sure, good idea. Put the pads out on the patio. See what you can do about clearing the snow and ice away from that area. Don't use icemelt unless it is marked safe for dogs because it can really hurt their paws. I know of someone who used a litter box for dogs...she found it online. It worked for her. (She had a balcony, but you can use it in the house.) I see you realize that they are not cold weather dogs. I am not a fan of dressing up my dog (he would look ridiculous), but he does have a ski jacket for when it snows...you could pick up some waterproof doggie jackets,for outside and a sweater.that they can wear inside. They pick up the cold through their feet, and I can't imagine this breed wanting to stay outside for any period of time. So I wouldn't bother with doggie boots...I have a friend with Italian greyhounds who use them...but for your chi s I would just keep them in, play with them and take them out to this protected area when necessary.
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Augustine Augustine
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