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Good or bad decision? Topic: What is a research action plan
July 18, 2019 / By Antonia
Question: so heres the deal: My aunt and her family are looking for a new, bigger house...but, they dont have a whole lot of money to spend. My family just so happens to be looking for a farm to keep some horses on in the same area. So, we had this idea to kill 2 birds with one stone and look for a farm with a bigger house on it that they could live on. We have been looking for about a year with no luck but we stumbled upon with gorgeous 40 acres for sale and my dad made a crazy offer on it and they ended up accepting. We have the land under contract but my dad is having second thoughts about it. We do not need all 40 acres so our plan was to sell off 25 of it. Also, this property does not have a house. Anyway, we have the farm under contract and we do not know what we should do. We do not want to build the house until the 25 acres is sold and that might take some time. But, this land is beautiful and has a lot of potential to be a really good investment for the price we have it for now. We close in 2 weeks and my dad is about to call it off. What do you think is the best decision?? I would like to add that my dad has researched everything possible about the farm and he knows it will zone and divide well and it is possible to build a house on it.
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Zackary Zackary | 1 day ago
He needs to do some research on the lot. Just because he wants to sub-divide the land does not mean that he can. He needs to talk to the county planning office about sub-dividing and to make sure he would allowed to build a house on the new lot at all. He also needs to find out how much this is going to cost him, it will be a pretty penny, and take that into account before he decides what is the best course of action.
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i think the suited of marriages are those wherein there is not any distinctive decision maker. What I mean by ability of it truly is, one by no ability knows whilst a situations will upward push up whilst the two or would desire to be on the waiting to make a variety; for this reason they'd desire to depend upon one yet another; and to have faith one yet another.

Shimhi Shimhi
What we think really doesn't matter. If your father wants the land, he should buy it. If he doesn't want the hassle of spillting and possibly rezoning, then he should back out. If I had the cash and didn't mind sitting on it for awhile, I would probably keep it. Right now, it's cheaper to buy than it is to build, so I'd need to wait at least 7 years before I expected to sell the other 25 acres.
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You are touching on predestination, and that would do away with free will and make us robots. God does not want robots in His family that is why He gave us a choice to sin or not to sin. But He loves us enough to pay the death price set by Himself for sin. He wants to KNOW Him and His will. But we as humans are by nature carnal minded. Carnal minded is in opposition to the spirit. It (our carnal mind) see's the physical as the reality and the spirit as something that may not even be. That is in a sense an insult to God. He and His family are spirit beings and live on a higher plain than we do. It is our job to reach up for the higher plain. He made that obtainable thru Jesus. NOT OF WORKS so there is no way we can "do" enough to please God enough to make Him tell us the future (unless it has something to do with His plans for humanity) We have to assume that your life and your marriage is not something that will affect humanity in any great way. (Adam Noah Moses Jesus, the apostle Paul, Billy Graham) It may but we will assume. So the people on earth that somehow KNOW if they are making the right choice on choices like that tend to have had a long running close relationship with God for years prior to the asking. This is not to say He will not. But it is saying that the closer you are to Him the more like you are to "hear" His instructions. Many times He has spoken to me in the small still enter voice that is not a voice at all, but in your own thoughts. But when it happens you KNOW that it is not your thoughts. They are to "big" or to "high" or to "radical" for you to have come up with. Other times you get a dislike a dread of the thing you have been praying about. I have been in business for 18 years but all of the sudden hate it. t is too early to KNOW if i am making the right choice to get out and head in another direction but i am taking this new-found hate as a "sign" BUt note that i am not seeking a "sign" I am seeking God an His WILL for my life. He said wicked people seeks signs. Why because we are asking and expecting Him to lower Himself to our carnal level, instead of reaching up to obtain His level. God told me many-thing about marriage when mine looked like it was not going to last. Because He hates divorce and maybe His has plans for my life that have not yet been fulfilled. But based on what i know what He told me ad what i have seen in others marriages i can tell you this..................Marriage is not easy and it takes 3 t make it work like it should. 1) God 2) you 3) your man. So if you man is not a Godly man now don't marry him. If you are not seeking God but are seeking a sign from God then it is selfish and self centered and is headed for trouble. (not to say it will fail just have more trouble) ....................Marriage is not going to last based on gushie feelings romance is nice but it does not last 24/7 to GIVE love is a choice it requires an action and each action is a choice. good choices are made by educated people. I am not talking about some fool with a PH-D but some who is humble enough to listen to some who has this to teach outside of a classroom. (like Y/A)
Shimhi Originally Answered: Christians/Priests/Deacons, God knows what decision I will make, but how can I ensure it's the right decision?
Since God is omniscient, he knows which babby will be aborted. If he does not put souls into those that will be aborted, then abortion shouldn't be an issue with christians because those babbies will not be considered human by christian standards. If he does put souls into them, then one wonders why he does it since these babbies will be aborted. An accomplice to murder?

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