Can someone write a newspaper article out of this information for me? email it to me please?

Can someone write a newspaper article out of this information for me? email it to me please? Topic: How to write a news article about someone
July 19, 2019 / By Arden
Question: I need help writing a news paper article. You are a historian with very little knowledge of our civilization (2012) and you discovered a room (my room). The historian is form 1000 years in the future. From the stuff in my room (ill give a list a bit later) what objects would be obsolete 1000 years from now? What would my cloths tell about the climate? and, Is there anything a historian might not be able to determine or identify its use? Things in my room: -Mounted fish (walleye, perch, crappie) -Bow and arrows -Gun -Fishing Poles -8 tackle boxes -My fishing journal -Fish chart -Winter cloths and Summer cloths. I need a news paper article about the discovery and maybe what questions might still be unanswered. Please help I don't get how to write a news paper article.
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Best Answers: Can someone write a newspaper article out of this information for me? email it to me please?

Zadok Zadok | 3 days ago
Come up with a good introduction of one or two sentences that will interest the reader and give them an idea of what the article will be about. Begin writing the meat of your story. Be sure to cover the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the subject. Most news articles are between 200 and 500 words. Edit your article and come up with a suggested headline.
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Politics isn't always a good thing to write about---people get so all-fired upset if you say anything too good or too bad about one particular candidate or another and no matter HOW hard you might TRY not to be bias, how the writer feels about a candidate ALWAYS seems to show through---To be fair, however, you could just write a LITTLE about what each one seems to be standing for AT THIS POINT and let the reader make his or her own mind up as to who (based on what is written) would make the best president.... You've got a WOMAN and a black man in the race this year---a VERY TOUCHY SUBJECT for way too many Americans.... no one ever seems to want to base their oppinions on the ISSUES... they are more into it for or against a persons GENDER, religion, race. ... maybe a good article would be to tie all that IN with the candidates... would be nice to set the record straight on Obama too--since he was BORN a Muslim but was raised a christian from the age of 6 years old... and maybe use FACTS rather then just opinions like everyone else has done when they've tried to "debate"....just don't write what someone else TELLS you---RESEARCH and RESEARCH AGAIN...everything written about SOMEONE is bias on one point or another... YOU as a journalist (even for just a high school newspaper) must decide how to report with the LEAST amount of bias as possible REGARDLESS OF YOUR OPINIONS.... Good luck on your article...!!!!! Whatever you do, do NOT just side with one side or the other---your "job" is to INFORM, not judge---you don't have to make it a conservative OR a liberal piece but it SHOULD contail bits of both...!!!
Zadok Originally Answered: Writing a newspaper article?
The first thing you have to figure out is what issues your readership is interested in. Talk to your friends and classmates and find out what they're concerned about. Find out what questions they want answered. The trick to being a successful political writer is to bring the big issues down to a *human* level that people can relate to. Make sure your readers *understand* that these are the questions that will be in their hands in the years to come. As a reporter in many different 'small-town' newspapers, I learned that almost all political issues boiled down to family, really - how will this affect my family? Will it affect our ability to have food, shelter, medical care? Will it affect my family's future enjoyment of the world? Will it affect our safety? Your country has a lot of those kinds of questions, right now. And the answers are very important. Make sure you know what YOUR opinions and biases are before you start writing. If you're to be a reporter, you must work against your own biases and present a balanced piece. If you're going to be writing opinion pieces, make sure you research your answers and provide a rebuttal to as many opposing views as you can think of. I can't tell you what issues to look into, because I am neither in your community, nor your age-group -- but that's where you should look for answers. You *can* write about anything you choose - the trick is getting others to read it, so you can make a difference.
Zadok Originally Answered: Writing a newspaper article?
you could talk about bush's "acheivements" (or lack thereof) over the last 7 years. or you could talk about things the conservative party stands for: tax breaks to the rich war over diplomacy protection of the second amendment disregard of the first amendment supports job outsourcing

Sholto Sholto
Umm its your paper how about you do your own.work??? Other people have better things to do then some kids work
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I would suggest for you to subscribe to the Catholic Register, since it contains loads of relevant articles for what you are after!

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