What is Palestine's stance on the current situation in Afghanistan?

What is Palestine's stance on the current situation in Afghanistan? Topic: Position statement paper
July 19, 2019 / By Aretha
Question: So I'm writing this position paper for a Model united nations I'm participating in and I cannot find anywhere any data or official statement from Palestine regarding the exit of NATO and American forces from Afghanistan. Additionally, the topic we are going to discuss is "The Afghan Exit".
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Zak Zak | 4 days ago
Palestine and Afghans have alot in common. Both have been invaded by a foreign power, both are now occupied and strictly controlled. Both are subjected to continued sanctions of the necessities of life, both do not enjoy freedom to travel without strict foreign control, both will be contained so each successive generation will never know freedom and both see death on a day to day basis. Is there a statement? Do you really need one given the current state in each theatre of operations?
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Shylock Shylock
Exit of NATO from Palestine? Do you mean the U.N. food program? What are you talking about? Here are some websites about American presence in Afghanistan. As the others have said, Palestine (the West Bank and occupied territories) have their hands full dealing with Israel. Since they are not a legal country with a representative government, I doubt they would have any official position about Afghanistan.
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Odell Odell
Palestine has nothing to do with Afghanistan as far as i know, because Israel alone is enough to keep them busy and not caring about the rest of the world
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Larrie Larrie
Palestine isnt a fully gained country, So the people cant really reckognize, Dont get me wrong I support Palestine, But truth is truth http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GO5Cay6GUkM
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