Hii R&P: What Bands Didn't You Like.?

Hii R&P: What Bands Didn't You Like.? Topic: The sisters of mercy emma youtube
July 18, 2019 / By Arista
Question: When you first heard them, but you really like them now, and what reason/song changed your mind about not liking the band? BQ:What songs had you known for a while before actually discovering who the artist was? BQ2: What songs do you hate hearing cover versions of? MQ: How are you today? ( = Thanks for answering Geoarge ( = Hi Dream, it took me a while to get into Zeppelin and Guns 'n' Roses aswell. I'm fine too thanks ( = Sarah F: I heard most of The Beatles moodier songs first so I found it easier to get into them. And I heard Smells Like Teen Spirit - Nirvana before I knew it was by them, and I hate the song being covered too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kiHA21hV3... And I'm fine too, thanks for asking ( = In Sorte Diaboli: I've never heard Dethklok, I'll have to listen to them ( =, and I think Over The Rainbow it is one of the most covered songs I've heard too. I like some versions though like the original by Judy Garland and I like Israel Kamakawiwo'ole version too . Thanks for answering ( = Emma K: I haven't heard Bauhaus or Sisters of Mercy, I'll have to listen to them ( = Yep, I hear too many covers of How Soon Is Now too lol And I'm fine too thanks ( = Hi Seashells ( = I've only heard one song by Radiohead called Let Down I think but I've never listened to them properly really. Lol I still don't know the artist to those songs either, which is wierd since I've known the songs for ages. And I actually heard Celine Dion's version of "You Shook Me All Night Long" first, AC/DC was so much better lol Thanks for answering ( =
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Zebinah Zebinah | 10 days ago
hi soraya =D Radiohead : They seemed really weird at first, but I grew into them. They're my favorite now. Funny how things work out. BQ: Lynyrd Skynyrd. Sweet Home Alabama, Black Betty....so many songs! and I didn't know who the artist was. Shame on me. BQ2: 'You shook me all night long' by AC/DC. I heard this cover done by Celin Dion....SCARY! MQ: quite lovely thanks for asking. Hope you're doing well yourself. [=
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Silver Silver
For the longest time, I never really liked Dethklok, but once I listened to their album... it really blew my mind. It really did. It's comedy death metal, and that would be hard to pull off, but Brendon Small can do it. BQ: Rio Bravo - CKY BQ2: I hate hearing covers of Over The Rainbow. I never even liked the song, I just got tired of hearing people sing it. The only version I like of the song is the one by Israel Kamakawiwo'ole. MQ: Pretty good so far. I've been up for three days straight... I don't know if that's good or not. I went to a party earlier, and that was great.
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Oliver Oliver
hmmm unfortunately the beatles took me a while to get into. I thought they were all poppy and happy, and then I discovered some of their later, moodier stuff and became obsessed. another acquired taste for me was pink floyd...i first heard them and thought they were creepy as hell. Now I love them. BQ: I had known the song aero zeppelin by nirvana for a really long time before actually finding out the name of the song, because it never appears on any of their three studio albums. and BQ2: I hate people covering led zeppelin, nirvana, or sweet child of mine, because they're done too much and no one can do it as good as the original. I also cannot stand U2's version of helter skelter. Aghhh...a song NO ONE should ever cover and should never ever have existed anyway is seasons in the sun MQ: ehhh im really tired and my brother is bugging me, but other then that im fine, you?
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Laverne Laverne
Bauhaus, Sisters of mercy. Bauhaus sounded kinda annoying the first time I heard them and Sisters sounded very depressing. I now adore both those bands lol BA: Song 2 by Blur BA2: to be honest, I don't really like hearing cover versions of "How soon is now" by the Smiths. Even though the covers can be quite good, this song has been covered a million times! MA: i'm good! thx :) how are you?
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Jaasau Jaasau
Death Cab For Cutie, one of my really good friends loves them and checked them out cause he loves them so much but back when I did I was a music elitist and really only liked metal. But now, I'm not like that at all and I've grown to love a ton of other kinds of music and I like Death Cab For Cutie a lot now. BQ: Can't think of anything at the moment to be honest, I will edit if I do. BQ2: Any band that tries to cover Pantera, it just doesn't work! BQ3: I'm doing pretty good. Still kind of early to tell but as of right now good.
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Fillin Fillin
Kasabian. They were "just another Britpop" band to me like repetitive Kasier Chiefs, Franz Ferdinand, etc. but when I heard their latest single "Fire", I knew that there was alot more substance to this band than the other "one hit wonder" britpop bands of the mo. BQ: I never knew that Madhouse was by Anthrax, I just assumed it was some poxy hair metal band that had 1 edgy song.
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Danni Danni
Every single band. I have to listen to a song like three times before I like it. Even albums which I love now I hated them when I first listen to them. None None Good thank you.
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Aylward Aylward
Hey :P At first I totally hated Marilyn Manson's music , it just seemed too heavy for me and hard to swallow , I thought he was a total freak (oh the ignorance , I know) . Now he's pretty much one of my favorite artists BQ : In 8th grade I didn't know who sang Sweet Child O'Mine.After a year, I knew :D MQ : Okay, it's a lovely Sunday , and it's not too hot either . You?
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Vonda Vonda
Zeppelin and GnR. I couldn't get into them but once I did I realized they are pretty good.. MQ: The Who and Motley Crue songs.. always heard them and never knew who they were by. MQ2: Anything that just is untouchable.. BQ: Welll, its 6AM and I haven't slept yet, but I feel good =) And yourself?
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