Do his words say anything about how he feels?

Do his words say anything about how he feels? Topic: The sisters analysis
July 18, 2019 / By Arleen
Question: Fb conversation... can you interpret anything! Thanks so much! :) (We were talking about Idol, commenting on a fb video many of our group of friends are commenting on for fun - there's this other girl, Sally, I think she likes him but I'm not sure. Just the way she talks to him. Do you think he likes her back?) John: By the way, Dominic, this year's Idol has so much more talent than the past seasons. It took them what, two years? Sally: I TOTALLY AGREE! They're so much better! Did you see the Lady Gaga girl? She was so funny and hilarious LOL! John: i like the avril lavigne girl. so damn funny. could she have been bribed to do so? Sally: Hahaha I don't think so! I think the lady gaga girl was bribed though. I hate it when the contestants get defensive over their singing. I mean, no need to get violent! Me: The lady gaga girl is my friend! Haha and the avril lavigne girl is my friend's sister. And the sylvester sim lookalike is my freaking cousin! gross much! HAHA i tell you idol's in my blood! John: wow. looks like singing is in the blood. go join next year (if they have). i will vote for you. haha. Me: HAHA you sure? one vote fifty cents! HAHAHAHA. but if i ever did i would 1. tell the judges i love david archuleta and 2. tell ken lim to stop being a simon cowell wannabe HAHAHA loser John: lol. i think that i would not even need to vote at all if you join the competition. haha. Any idea? Thanks! :) So much!
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Zebulon Zebulon | 1 day ago
Just like the first comment, it's tough to say either way based on what you've provided. We don't have a back story of the two. He responded to you and to her in the same exact way. In my opinion, I'd say he's either interested in both of you or neither of you. You sound a lot like me! Over-analyzing the analysis that was probably over analyzed to begin with! If you have a crush on him, you need to stand out beyond this Sally girl. But that's just my 2 cents! Good luck, and I hope you find your answer! I would love your over-analysis of my question(s) http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20090809104051AAhgMZF&r=w
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Zebulon Originally Answered: How Come When A Person Dies Everybody Feels Sorry But Nobody Feels Sorry For Me?
Before I start off, I'm going to say that I am in no way using my background as a method to gain sympathy/pity. I'm just trying to explain. I'm poor, too. I have a brother that committed suicide, too. I don't have bipolar disorder, but I'm on meds for social anxiety and depression. And this is the single most disgusting question I have EVER read on this website. First of all, you never know what someone's life is really like unless you live it. You don't know what was going on in his house on a regular basis. And depression is not a choice. The way you talk about your friend's brother is just disgusting, as if he was an ungrateful idiot. Do you think he chose to be suicidal? Depression happens to all people of all ages, races, economic backgrounds... anything. You have no idea how it feels when a family member kills themselves. I was only six. I didn't understand what was going on. My other brother, who's 11 years older, had to explain it to me. I still didn't really understand. I didn't get why my mom and dad and brother were crying, all I knew was that Tom was in Heaven. I remember my mom crying because I asked when he was getting back from Heaven. My family was torn apart because we missed him so much. My parents became distant. My older brother took it upon himself to raise me. Our family was broken. My parents stayed by themselves, never really did much. My brother drove me places and helped me with homework and stuff like that, but I could still tell that something wasn't right. I had post-traumatic stress after that. Everyone handles things like that differently. You have no right to judge how your friend or his brother felt/feels. I'm pretty poor, too. And the last thing I would want was to be pitied for it and play the "WAHH look at me, I'm an innocent little poor girl in a town full of rich, fake, bullying b!tches!" card. Maybe people don't like you because you lack sympathy for others. The fact that you don't even seem to be worried about how your friend is handling this tragedy is awful. The point is, everyone has struggles. NOBODY'S life is easy, regardless of how much money they have. You'll never know someone until you live a week in their skin- which is impossible. And you have no goddamn right to make assumptions and play the victim when your friend probably needs your support rather than your "well-my-life-sucks-worse-than-yours" stories right now.
Zebulon Originally Answered: How Come When A Person Dies Everybody Feels Sorry But Nobody Feels Sorry For Me?
You have every reason to feel proud of yourself. What you've had to live with must have been incredibly, lonely and miserable. You might not see it now, but people like yourself know how to work for what they want and in the process develop a backbone, stamina and even (can) feel deeper compassion for lives of others. You may or may not get there. Living with an alcoholic and never feeling loved can do a lot of damage to the human soul. I can only hope you lose your resentment and bitterness, adversity made you strong...it made the other guy weak. Change your perspective and you'll see that you had what was needed to be successful in the future. You know what you don't want, the kind of father not to be. People out there do care about you and took the time to read your long question, then answer it. Life is more fair than you know. Having it easy isn't the best way to grow up, look what happened to him...then appreciate where you are. There's no reason to seek pity, it's not attractive and (hopefully) not your style.
Zebulon Originally Answered: How Come When A Person Dies Everybody Feels Sorry But Nobody Feels Sorry For Me?
Well, the rich aren't immune to depression. Imagine having all of those things yet feeling completely alienated, or even unchallenged, kept, provided for, with low self esteem or sense of accomplishment. I might imagine that's what some rich kids might go through. I know one guy from a wealthy family who's a loser and has major issues. I call him a loser because of personal reasons we just don't like him. Sucks at relationships. Spoiled, nasty, entitled, unchallenged, and utterly depressed you can tell he is not happy. He never had to work a day in his life but he "works" for his dad. They don't dress or live rich because that would mean they might have to size up or fit in with other rich people and really, the whole family just lives off the father's money so I don't see how they can thrive socially or mingle in affluent circles. Yes rich people have problems, a different set of problems I suppose. And I bet alot of them have to do what their family wishes them to do, in order to not be cut off or out of the will. Like this guy that I mentioned, his biggest problem is that he needs to have kids right now. He likes kids but I wonder if he even likes women though. I think he does but he sucks at relationships with people because of his personal issues. If your schoolmate left his life behind with all that he had, maybe he would've been happier with your life.

Silvester Silvester
wow. You seem to be reading between the lines a LITTLE too much. This is one of those "take it at face value" situations. LOL you're funny, I bet you are the kind to see hidden messages in the alphabet soup. grin. sorry, there is nothing to indicate one way or the other. better luck next time.
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