Need to get away from family, won't let her go to college?

Need to get away from family, won't let her go to college? Topic: Physical education cover letter is
July 19, 2019 / By Aryana
Question: I have a friend who is having problems with her family they will not let her do anything except chores and take care of the kids. She gets blamed for the things the younger ones do and has to buy her own dress for prom, she tried to just where a sun dress just bc that's what she can afford, but her father wouldn't let her go because wearing a sun dress would embarrass the family. But the biggest problem is them not letting her go to college. They say they want her to go but their actions say something different. The parents tell everyone that she is not going and she recently found out that her sisters have been hiding/throwing out her acceptance letters and scharlorships. (She got good grades and a 33 on ACT) Her father told her that he would not give her money to apply for college unless she took her SAT (didn't see a point since they accepted ACT), would not give her money for SAT unless she picked a date and would not take her to her SAT in the end then stating that the money for SAT would come out of her bank account. She did get into college, and she tried to go but had no one to take her. She is trying to get out of the mentality of someone underage and depends on their parents but she lives in their house so of course its their rules. She tries to leave but when she does her sisters (step sisters if this makes a difference) grab her by her arm and bring her to the house or someone will stand in front of the door and not let her leave until she does what they tell her to do. Its almost like she is traped she has tried negotiating, showing her acceptance letter moving to the university on her own, but it doesn't work out. How can she get the emotional support from her family and have them allow her to leave the house to take care of herself without things getting out of hand. there is more to this but it would take to long to cover. Please help I have known her since childhood and her mental, emotional and physical health are a real concern for me.
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Zedekiah Zedekiah | 5 days ago
Is she over 18? Because if she is all she has to do is call the cops when they try to prevent her form leaving, You really need to encourage her to do this ASAP otherwise she will lose the wonderful opputunity of a college education.
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Zedekiah Originally Answered: I Want To Go To This College Soon. But My Family Does Not Want Me To Go There. My Mom Does Not Care.HELP?
I don't fully understand the problem... Your family can have its say, but at some point they have to realize that it's YOUR life and YOUR education. You want to go - so go. If your extended family is going to bust its nut, oh well. If you're going to university, you'll have to live in the dorms for your first year anyways, and most campuses don't even let freshmen (and sometimes not even sophomores) have cars. Even then I fail to see what the problem is going to be. I didn't need a car until late in my college years and even then I only needed it for the summers when I was working. Otherwise, I lived in the dorms, or within walking distance of the campus' bus system. 2 hours away is nothing - it's not as though you're going to be coming home every weekend. Ok? You're just not. Between homework and your social life, that's just not going to happen. So go to college already and if your family can't handle it...well, tough.

Sinclair Sinclair
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Onam Onam
Tell her to contact the college of her choice and the scholarships she needs, and ask if she can defer enrollment until after she turns 18. Once she turns 18, she can move out her parents can't legally stop her. She can do whatever she wants.
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Layne Layne
Goodness, that is completely absurd. Whether she's over eighteen or not, she should try and find someone outside the family to talk to because that is complete crap. There is NO reason for a family to behave that way, and she needs to find outside help because I sincerely doubt that they will ever change. She needs to get help to get away from these people.
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Layne Originally Answered: How to tell my family I didn't get accepted to the college they wanted for me?
Did you get into the school you wanted? If you did - EXCELLENT! Good for you. As hard as it is, look your parents in the eye and say "I'm not going to XXXX, I wasn't accepted. It wasn't my top choice, so that's ok. I'm going to YYYY school, my first choice". They are your dreams, not theirs. And you are right - you make your own mistakes and learn from them. If they give you grief, stand up and tell them exactly what you've written here.

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